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On Page SEO Tips to Give You More Leads

on page seo tipsOn Page SEO (and Off Page) Basics

There are two aspects to SEO:

  1. On Page
  2. Off Page

Off Page SEO Explained

Off page SEO is to essentially to do with back linking.  Back linking is where another site points back to your site.  You need lots of back links, including back links from high PR sites.
PR refers to Page Rank which is a term concocted by Google co-founder, Larry Page.  Page Rank is the way Google rates a web site.  The higher the PR the better (PR ranges from 1 to 10).
Sites that score a high PR are termed ‘authority sites’.   A back link from any site that has a page rank between 1 and 10 is  valuable.
High PR sites are often government sites and are difficult to get back links from.  Back links from sites with PR of 3 or 4 are still valuable and worth having.

ON Page SEO Basics

Although some SEO experts say that off page SEO is the game to play, the reality is that unless your on page SEO is fully sorted, it will be difficult to fully exploit and maximise advantages from an off page back  linking program.
So on page SEO is important.  In fact, maximising SEO potency for your site should always be step number 1.
We have sometimes found we can get a web site ranked for certain keywords after fully maximising the ‘on page’ characteristics, without doing  any off page SEO work.
What Is On Page SEO?  To clarify, on page SEO  is about taking certain actions to ensure your web site is fully optimized from an SEO point of view.  In practical terms you are wanting to make it easier for the search engines to find your site.
Here are some on page SEO tips:

  1. Exact keyword phrase in your URL
  2. Exact keyword phrase in your title
  3. Exact keyword phrase in your Alt Tags for your photo (yes, a photo helps)
  4. H1 to be used once
  5. H2 to be used 4 times (typically)
  6. Limit keyword insertion into body text to once per hundred words.

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