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Empower Network Platform a ‘Game Changer’

Plugging into one of the Empower Network support forums the other day was illuminating.
Plenty of EN members are getting their blog posts ranked quickly.  Certainly much quicker than if they had to start their own blog from scratch.  This is because the Empower Network blog platform is already an authority site.
The net result is that as an EN member you can ‘piggy back’ off the platform that is already in place.   (Google gives more weight to authority sites and will therefore rank blog posts faster and higher to blogs that have authority status already bestowed.)
I wrote about this topic a little in one of my earlier Empower Network posts when I highlighted some of the points that Rob Fore made.
Here is an extract from one of the stories I stumbled across:
Reginald: FYI guys our Empower Network blogs are ranking very well in Google. They are beating out a lot of higher PR domains on competitive keywords.
Tracey: Reggie, yes they are! How well versed are you in understanding and communicating on this concept of ranking, seo, pr sites, etc?
Reginald: I’m no SEO expert but I do understand the game. I have a PR3 blog and I did some intense back link building and someone with an EN blog same keyword came and outranked me because of the authority and popularity of the EN domain name. I was blown away.
Reginald: I also did a case study and still doing some others with my personal blog and my EN blog with same keyword on same topic but 100% unique articles and my EN blog is outranking my personal WP blog. This is a game changer.
And here’s another one…….
Nathan: WoooHOOO!!!!  I just ranked on Google for a competitive keyword!!! No backlinks, just using EN and the SEO Pressor plugin that’s in the back office!! The keyword is “What Is Vemmabuilder” Over 7,000 searches per month.
tkey2success:  high five Nathan!
Dena-Lynn: way to get it in Nathan!!
tmitchell881: That’s awesome Nathan!
Excited?  You should be.  This is amazing stuff.  Take a look at Empower Network here.

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