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Family IQ Review

family IQ mark hobbinsFamily IQ Review

Family IQ is a unique network marketing company that offers family-oriented skill building tools and programs as its main products.
Family IQ hopes to build lasting ties between family members and improve current relationships.
The company’s main mission is to “empower individuals and parents to improve their personal, partnering and parenting skills” so that they can work towards improving their family relationships especially with their sons or daughters.
Family IQ doesn’t offer any real or tangible product apart from the digital CD’s and videos that come with their seminars and courses.
The types of products Family IQ offers are very different to those being offered by a typical network marketing business.  Many say it represents a refreshing change!
In a way it’s nice to know that the products have the potential to mend broken relationships, instil values and self esteem in teenagers, and even help people overcome anti social and addictive behavior.
The main concept behind Family IQ is to prevent rather than to treat which are simply what people, governments and families need.

Background to FIQ

Family IQ was founded in 2001 by Mark Hobbins.  Mark’s goal is to build better and more lasting relationships between family members.
Mark Hobbins, is a father of seven and also a co-founder of one of the world’s largest nonprofit organizations involved in assisting trouble youths and broken families.
Knowing the background of Hobbins, it becomes apparent after research that he is one special individual.  Some say he’s a genius. He has created a platform in which he can continue his selfless efforts while at the same time earning a hefty amount for his members and himself.
Needless to say, in a cold world dominated by fast-paced technologies, the Family IQ concept is a bit like a rare diamond in the rough.  For that reason, Family IQ seems to appear more like a nonprofit organization than an MLM company – and that’s a complement to its founders and management.

Family IQ Products

The main products of Family IQ include the Family Builder Package and the Express Package.
The Family Builder Package is the flagship product which contains Family IQ License Fee, My Family IQ Test (including eligibility for unlimited retakes,) My Family IQ Learning Plan, The Core 5 Program, Activities and Articles Library, E-Business Kit, Personal Marketing Website, a Back Office, a Free Family IQ Seminar, a Free Family IQ Workshop and 20 Product Point goods that can be used in purchasing Family IQ courses, tests, articles, and audio resources.
The Family Builder Package however, costs a hefty $1,495, however from a business point of view it is attractive as the commission is $1,000. The Express Package is much cheaper at $395.

Family IQ Compensation Plan

Family IQ claims to introduce a powerful, proprietary, patented and highly profitable compensation plan that rewards members for helping families. Basically, Family IQ’s compensation plan allows you to earn on four different ways.
Members are provided with 50% commission on sales directly made on their behalf. There is also a $1,000 instant bonus for every sale of the Family Builder Package. There are also fast-start bonuses members can take advantage of.
Family IQ’s compensation plan is very appealing and proves to be an effective way of attracting potential members. On one hand, it’s hard to look for someone who’ll buy the packages as well as the other services being offered by the company.

The Rod Stinson Connection

Master marketer Rod Stinson entered the FIQ scene a couple of years ago.  Rod has a long history in marketing and as the story goes, made Mark Hobbins an offer he couldn’t refuse.
In essence Rod suggested that FIQ move away from the conventional distribution model that had been employed up till that point, and embrace a direct sales/network marketing model.  That is how FIQ became a network marketing type of business.
Rod Stinson utilises a number of effective marketing strategies such as direct mail (postcards), voice mail broadcasts, solo ads, and email marketing.  In essence Rod is an old style direct marketer who has grafted onto his repertoire some online strategies as well (Note: Rod Stinson is not a blogger!)


In conclusion, Family IQ is a legitimate company with a good product.  There is good potential for growth, providing that Rod Stinson and his marketing program deliver the goods.
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