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LifePharm Global Network Review

LifePharm Global

Fair and Balanced LifePharm Global Network Review

Bit of a buzz around LifePharm Global Network lately and their ‘miracle’ product (heard that before?), Laminine.
So what’s behind the hype – smoke and mirrors or is there some substance there?
LifePharm Global Network is a multilevel marketing company involved in the business of providing superior quality and all-natural supplements.  LifePharm Global Network is a privately subsidiary company of LifePharm Inc., a well known pharmaceutical company out of South Carolina.
LifePharm Global Network currently operates in six countries; the United States, Australia, Austria, India, Indonesia and Malaysia. Their stated goal is to be a market leader in the manufacturing of  premium, high quality natural supplements made in the USA.

LifePharm Global Network – Superb Management Team

LifePharm Global Network kicked off in 2001 and is run by three guys with extensive business and MLM backgrounds.
Bernard Sjauta is the Chief Executive Officer.   He  holds a business degree from the University of Southern California and has managed companies in the consumer healthcare and wellness field.
The dynamic duo, brothers Winston and Wickson Suyanto are also part of the management team. Winston is the company’s VP for Operations, and holds a business degree from UCLA. Wickson Suyanto, on the other hand, serves as VP for Finance and manages the company’s finances including the company’s investments and funding.
The company boasts a combined 150 years of management experience in the beauty and wellness industries. LifePharm Global Network also works closely with two prominent medical experts – Dr. Kim E. Gebrosky and Dr. Alexis Martin.

LifePharm Global Network: Goals, Missions and Visions

LifePharm Global Network’s mission is to provide its target market, both men and women, with all-natural products that can help them gain a lifestyle boost.
r if we take a quote directly from their website ‘to help change YOU to become a better person – emotional, physical, mental and financial changes’.
LifePharm Global Network aims to create the perfect brand that can trigger such changes in a person’s life – a noble goal which will be nobler if achieved.  Enough of the hyperbole – onto the nuts and bolts now!

LifePharm Global Network – Product Overview

LifePharm Global Network has developed and introduced numerous all-natural products since they started.
However, 2 years ago they launched their flagship product called Laminine into the US. Laminine is a unique product that already had a long 80 year history of saving and improving lives, by way of reducing stress (it seems to calm people down in a natural way).
LifePharm Global Network is proud that all of its products are manufactured in the United States and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Needless to say, US-made products are often known for their reputation of superior quality.

 How Can You Earn Money From LifePharm Global Network?

LifePharm Inc. uses traditional distribution channels, that is via retail shops and department stores.  However with the birth of LifePharm Global Network, LifePharm Inc.’s products including the flagship product Laminine can now be brought from independent distributors and marketers.
And therein lies the opportunity for budding entrepreneurs.
The company has also developed a unique compensation plan that gives reps the ability to earn a percentage of sales from distributors up to the seven levels deep.  There are also a number of bonuses that reward sales excellence.
Nevertheless, their compensation plan is somewhat complicated and typically cannot be readily understood at first glance.
As is the case with all network marketing deals, success with LifePharm Global Network is based on building successful and active teams and is measured by the collaborative efforts of reps who aspire to be leaders.

 Should You Join LifePharm Global Network?

Choosing LifePharm Global Network could represent a life changing decision, or just another notch on the belt of failed biz ops.  No one can say if this is the next MLM giant, but LifePharm appears to be moving in the right direction.  Keep an eye out for them!
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Kim Willis

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