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Rod Stinson Review

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Fair and Unbalanced Review of Rod Stinson

Rod Stinson is an old style marketer who has embraced some of the newer internet based methodologies.
Rod has quite a history, which has helped make him what he is today – an ace marketer.
Here is a snapshot of Rod’s history as a marketer:
Started with Nu Skin.  Never made much money with them, but learned a lot.
Joined Omnutrition.  Cracked the code here and began to make some good money.
Achievers Unlimited.  Rod hit pay dirt with AU.  Became a top producer until the company went off the rails.
Own MLM.  After the Achievers International experience Rod decided to start his own MLM.  Had some success, but didn’t set the world on fire.
Digital Products MLM.  Rod also dabbled in selling digital products via the MLM marketing method.
Trader.  After having mixed results as an mlm marketer Rod decided to try a different approach – so he became a successful trader – an activity he was involved with for 5 years.
Family IQ.  A couple of years ago Rod joined forces with Mark Hobbins, founder of Family IQ, an educational business specializing in fostering and strengthening relationships.
Rod Stinson isn’t what you would call Mr Motivation.  His deadly earnest delivery style is hardly designed to set the world on fire.  But what he lacks in charisma he more than makes up for in competence and street smarts.  In short, what this guy doesn’t know about nuts and bolts marketing, isn’t worth knowing.
Some of Rod Stinson’s favorite strategies are, direct mail, email marketing, voice mail blasts, and solo ads.
Rod’s latest project is called the Home Based Business Academy, a training business for frustrated home based marketers.  HBBA is currently in pre-launch.
Look out for it.
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Kim Willis

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