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3 Ways to Handle MLM Objections

Objections are like dirt.  I devour 'em

How to Handle 3 Common MLM Objections

Many novice marketers fear objections.  They see them as an affront and are just another way for prospects to say ‘not interested’.  But this is not always the case.  In fact often when a prospect offers an objection it is really simply a request for more information.
Look at an objection as an opportunity.  An opportunity to give your prospect another reason to do business with you.
The following represents 3 common objections, and how I handle them

MLM Objection 1: How Much Does it Cost?

It is natural  for prospects to ask this question early in a presentation.  Unfortunately, when they do it too soon, they’ll be making an assessment based on incomplete information.  Our job is to give people complete information so they can weigh up the benefits and features versus the price.
It is important to note that prospects often use the price technique as a way to unbalance ineffective marketers.  It unsettles them, and as a result of them blurting out the price too soon, the sale is lost.
So how do we get prospects to hold off on the price issue, whilst you guide them through the information process?  Here is what I say:
“John, thanks for asking.  You can get started for a small fraction of the dollars it would take to start a traditional business.  We have different entry points into our business, but before we look at the options, I need you to see the complete picture first.  I have a video presentation which will show you our product, our business model, and of course the different financial pathways into our business.”
It is important that you do not sound evasive when faced with this objection/question.  Give them something to satisfy them without spilling the beans.

MLM Objection 2: I Will Do My Due Diligence

I am a strong advocate of the takeaway technique.  It’s made me a lot of money over the years.  The Takeaway is a posture play whereby you demonstrate that you are the leader, that you don’t need your prospect’s business, and that you are NOT to be fussed with!
So when a prospect says they have to do their due diligence/research no need to panic.  Agree with them but at the same time unsettle them with the takeaway.  Here is what I say:
“You must do your due diligence.  The last thing I want is for someone to make a rash decision based on incomplete information. 
What I’ve found is that when you get complete information it is much easier for me to dialogue with you on a mature basis.  This is great, because once we bring you up to my level of understanding about this business, I think you will see what I saw when I was looking – and get excited.  It will also tell me if you have the right ingredients to make a success of this business.
The key to this response is to do with the posture I take when dialoguing with prospects.  (Some call me the king of posture – for good reason!)
Effective use of the Takeaway (you can see it in the last sentence),  will transform your results – and elevate you above the hoards of useless marketers who have no posture, no confidence – and no future.

MLM Objections 3: I Can’t Sell

The reality is that the last people I look for are traditional sales folk.  The problem with them is that they are essentially hunters who are always looking for the next kill.  This is how I handle it:
“I have good news and bad news for you.  The good news is that I am not seeking sales people.  They are too much like hunters for my liking.  They have no idea about how to build a real business and are are too focused on short term results.  The bad news is that I require you to be teachable and coachable.  I need you to follow our simple system – to maximize your results.  Are you teachable?”

Speaks for itself.  Simple fact is that typical salespeople are usually the worst people for your network marketing business.  Let your prospect know this whilst at the same time maintaining your posture.
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Kim Willis

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