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Bull Frog Porridge? I'll Pass

If you’ve travelled a little or a lot one thing you’ll know is that diferent regions and countries have diferent preferences regarding food.  Recently I visited Singapore (was on a business trip).  To say that Singapore is a foodies paradise is an understatement.  From the ultra cheap -try $2 – 3 for a delcious lunch – to top of the range gourmet restaurants that will hit you up for $300 per person (and more),.Singapore has it all.
When visiting Chinatown I saw the usual window displays featuring dead things – duck, pork, and chicken.   All the restauarants have their menu prominently displayed as you’d expect.  If they have a signature dish they’ll make a song and dance about it, with signs extolling the virtues of their top dish.  Some of these dishes looked mouth watering until I saw a restaurant that had full bragging rights on their top dish – live bull frog porridge.  Not just your usual garden variety bull frog porridge, but this one was LIVE bull frog porridge.  Wow!  Yum.
Now I gotta say that I have nothing against the Chinese.  And I also want to make it clear that I like porridge as much as the next guy.  But with live bull frog?  Nah.  Think I’ll pass on that one.  (I told my rabid vegetarian son about my discovery.  He nearly puked at the thought.)
So what has the foregoing got to do with my fav topic – marketing?
At first glance – nothing whatsoever.  But if you think about it, diversity is what makes the world go around.  Some countries are so conservative they dont embrace new cuisines and other cultural influences.  Same goes for marketing and business.  Some people are happy doing things the way they’ve always done them.  This is ok if it is working gangbusters.  But if it ain’t working brilliantly well maybe you need to open your mind and check out what others are doing.
For instance today i attended a webinar hosted by mad marketer David Wood.  Here is a guy who does things differently.  Some people can’t stand him because he is so ‘out there’.  But if you put the personality issue to one side and look at what he is actually saying, you’ll probably be seriously impressed..
David Wood with his buddy David Sharpe have put together their Empower Network thingy and set the online marketing world alight.  Over the last few months they’ve helped members generate millions of dollars in commissions, yet they only launched in November.
To make it as an online marketer ya gotta embrace new ideas and just go for it.  No need to stomach Bull frog porridge.  This marketing caper is way easier than that.  Try Empower Network and 100% commissions – check it

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