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Can Blogging Work For Network and Affiliate Marketers?


Free MLM  Leads From Your Blog?

In my last post I gave a bit of a general overview of blogging.  The content was mostly generic.
But the real issue for people who are in my niche (affiliate marketing and network marketing) is this: does blogging relate to home business marketers? Is there a place for a blog in YOUR business?
If you’re lazy and looking for a no work way to generate lots of leads, forget it. Blogging requires work, discipline and some sacrifice. Another point is that blogging does not produce instant or quick results. In my experience it took 6 months before I started to get leads from my blog.
The good news for you is that I made every mistake in the book – the main one being that I was unclear about the value and importance of keyword strategy.
So if you REALLY understand keyword strategy and marry that to an effective promotional strategy (yes, you have to promote your blog posts, usually via effective back linking strategies), then in many instances you will NOT have to wait 6 months for a result.
In fact you can probably have some of your blog posts ranking on the first page of Google within a couple of weeks.   Nevertheless blogging requires serious work in the early stages to get a worthwhile result.
One of the great benefits of blogging is that your ranked blog posts will continue to get visitors for extended periods after you have written the post.    Imagine that – more leads, more sign ups from work that you did long ago.
A ranked blog post is the gift that keeps on giving – I get traffic to some of my blog posts that were written more than 12 months ago.
One point should be made, particularly if you’re a network marketer.  Traditional network marketing companies usually frown on online marketing activities for their reps.  If you belong to one of those companies (they’re the ones that promote the ‘contact all your friends’ strategy), then blogging may not be appropriate simply because you will be at adds with your leadership, which is not smart.
On the other hand if your company encourages on-line marketing activities then go for it.  I should also add that this strategy works particularly well for reps who market bigger ticket products.
So in answer to the question – can it work for affiliate marketers and the mlm crowd? – the answer is yes.  But with qualifications.
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Kim Willis

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