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Free Leads for MLM From Blog Commenting

free mlm leads with blog commenting

Quality Company Specific Free Leads for MLM 

The best way to get free leads for Mlm is by blog commenting on blogs that have relevancy to the product you are wanting  to promote.
When you’re starting out in internet promotion you need to try to leave comments on as many blogs as you can find.
Not every comment you leave will be accepted by the blog master and not every comment you leave will get a click through from a reader. The quickest way of finding blogs that are relevant to your product will be by pasting this into your Google search box:
site: inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “your product”
Quickly translated this suggests the word blog is in the URL with the words post a comment.
The minus before the second and third terms makes Google disregard any blogs where the comments are closed and where you’ve got to be signed in. Clearly “your product” is whatever you are pushing, including your business opportunity.

Look For Active Blogs & Forums 

Give consideration to the dates of posts – you do not want to waste your effort and time posting comments on abandoned and low traffic blogs and forums. If you’ve got the SEOQuake tool bar on your P. C (must be Firefox), this will give you the Page Ranking of the blog you’re looking at.
PR (page rank ) goes from 0 to nine, so if you can look for blogs which have a webpage rank above 2 or 3 the value of the link you receive in return is far better than a nil or “not ranked” site.
The more contributors to a blog the better. When you leave your comment make absolutely sure it’s useful to readers. Your blog master is providing you with an invaluable link so leave something valuable in return. A pointless comment isn’t any benefit to the blog master and it will be trashed which suggests you have wasted your time and effort. Sometimes should you leave a great comment it may be refused as you’re subject to that blog master’s whims. Not to worry – play the numbers game, so spend many hours every week blogging.
I say ‘put in the time and effort’ – then you’ll get back links for your site which in turn will move you up the rankings and really get the traffic flowing to your site.

No Follow No Good 

Many sites allow you to make public a comment, however, they don’t allow you to leave back-links for your website.  Go to the following blog. You will have the facility to see if it is a Do Follow blog if the title from the commenter is in blue or you can click on it, and a bunch of blogs will allow you to put two links in the comment box, one a direct link to your website. If you wish to get leads then you definitely should funnel individuals that click your link to a squeeze page where one can obtain their email address to raise your list of prospects.
Bookmark all the blogs you have visited and you’ll soon develop a relationship with others who visit that blog. Your goal will be to appear informed and reliable. They may not click your link or register today, however the more you can leave useful comments, the rather more likely they will finally click thru and subscribe on your website.
Never give up.  Free leads for your MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING business are there for the taking.  Go for it.

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