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Sales success is simple.  Find a way to get people to love your product and pay you for it.   To do that you can use old school or new school methods, which can include attraction marketing techniques.
If you want to sell a product, you need to find people to sell to.  In the traditional world this may require you to  cold call lots of  strangers.  This is a tough way to make money and usually the only people who succeed are so called ‘born sales people’.
Compare this approach to an attraction marketing strategy.   Attraction marketing is based on the concept that instead of finding people to sell to, people should WANT to buy what you’re selling and seek you out.
For many aspiring and experienced marketers this concept represents a perfect form of marketing.
By reducing time spent chasing new business and making sales, it makes more time available for marketing related activities (as opposed to sales related activities)  The nice thing is that the individuals that are attracted will buy your product, but may also want to profit from your success and take a role in your network marketing business also.
Old methods for getting sales ignore the fact that folk like to buy things, but they hate being sold to.  They resent high pressure techniques.  Equally, most network marketers hate using these techniques.  On the other hand, attraction marketers drives people to their site.  Then they take time to educate them before they ask them to buy.
Attraction marketing is based on the belief that the best advertising for the products you are selling is you.   Think of yourself as your own brand – a brand that has unique and compelling points of difference when compared to anyone else.
Keep this point in mind:  irrespective of how dependent we become on the internet, people will always want to buy from people they respect and admire.
This is why it is so important that you build your personal brand, as noted.  As an attraction marketing ‘brand’, people ‘buy’ you first, and your product and opportunity second.
The way to do that is to position yourself as the go to guy when it comes to your niche.  Then you can show people how your product or business can solve problems.
In essence you should look at yourself as a champion problem solver – someone who can identify the problem and then show them how your product/opportunity will solve it.
A professional network marketer uses lead systems to grow their network.   We know that there are a myriad number of people who are looking for a business opportunity.  Many are already in an mlm business  and not making money from it.  This is your target market.
A word of warning: do not tell them that it will be wonderful if they joined your mlm/network marketing team.  At this point they’ll switch off big time.  Rather, use attraction marketing concepts to attract the prospect with a compelling ‘hook’ such as a better way to generate leads for his/her business.
I use a lead funnel system that makes it relatively easy to attract prospects who WANT to learn how to leverage the internet to generate more leads for their primary business.  You can do likewise, and generate handy affiliate commissions as a spin off benefit.  In time, some of the prospects who subscribe to the system with you, will become su[perb prospects for your primary business.
This formula represents the best of both worlds – affiliate commissions to pay the bills, and hot prospects for your main business.  Perfect.
With a proven system such as My Lead System Pro you will have at your fingertips a ready built lead funnel system which you can use to attract hoards of prospects to.  With MLSP you become the hunted and not the hunter so you can build your successful business without making cold calls, OR making a nuisance of yourself with your family and friends.
Take it for a $9.97 test drive today.
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Kim Willis

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