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NatLA Global – Fair and Balanced Review

natla global reviewIs NatLA Global For Real?

With so much emphasis on the health and wellness industry nowadays, it is not surprising to learn about a direct selling/multilevel marketing company making waves in the health and wellness niche – introducing Natural Life Advantage or simply NatLA.

NatLA Global – Company

NatLa is basically a health and wellness company based in Dallas, Texas. The company utilizes the MLM approach in selling its products. All of NatLA’s products are aimed to support balance nutrition, weight loss and energy. At the same time, NatLa provides aspiring network marketers and entrepreneurs a chance to achieve financial independence.
NatLA is quite confident in saying that signing up as an independent business associate with their company is not just a self-serving decision but a decision that can change the lives of others. Aside from the earnings you’ll get from being a member of NatLA, you are also provided with a unique opportunity to help people with their health.

NatLA Global Products

As mentioned, NatLA focuses on the health and wellness industry. The company provides products that are designed to help people with their health. That helps them achieve nutritional balance to weight loss and energy maximization. Some of the more popular NatLA products include Ganopal, 9n1 Fusion, Colostrum, Intimate Spark and the 12 Hour Energy.
Ganopal is a blend of Ganoderma and Nopal – considered as two of the world’s most important medicinal herb. 9n1 Fusion, on the other hand, is made from detoxifying plants while Colostrum is designed to balance the human immune system. Intimate Spark and 12 Hour Energy are products that can improve sexual performance and that provide greater energy during the day respectively.

NatLA Compensation Plan – How to Succeed with NatLA

Just like most network marketing companies today, there are various ways that a member of NatLA can profit from the business opportunity. At present there are seven ways to earn from NatLA – retail customer profits, retail sales bonus, fast star bonus, binary pay, matching bonus, luxury car bonus and the business expense bonus.
Most of the terms are self-explanatory and have already been introduced by thousands of MLM companies during the past. Nevertheless, the key to achieving financial independence always lies with your retail customer profits and your binary pay. Retail customer profits enable you to earn active commissions through your own hard work while binary pay enables you to earn passive commissions from the sales of the people you sponsor.
If you want to really succeed in the MLM industry, you need to build your binary pay by increasing your own retail customer profits.

Getting Started – NatLA Independent Business Associate

Getting started as a NatLA independent business associate is quite easy. Signing up is free – but as always, there is a catch. In order to become an active independent business associate you need to move at least 40 pv per month – 40 products that you’ve moved as a result of your personal consumption or sale. You need to constantly purchase the company’s products to profit.

NatLA – Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that you need to purchase products on a monthly basis, NatLA is still an opportunity that you should carefully consider. The opportunities provided by the company are simply too irresistible to take for granted. The company can also easily differentiate itself with other MLM companies through its innovative products. Yes, it is situated in the already crowded health and wellness industry but it offers products that are unique and highly viable.
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Kim Willis

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