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What Are SEO Backlinks and Why Are They So Important?

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You may have heard people describe them as, “votes” or “a popularity contest”, a “bridge” or a “referral system.” Backlinks are all of these things. If you want your marketing website to standout in a sea of other like sites rather than drowning into oblivion, you need to know what they are and what they can do.
Lots of people with websites think that all their site has to do is look good and have good content.  But they can’t understand why they can’t be found on search engines such as Google.  But the search engines don’t work like that, and it is important that anyone who owns a website understands a little of this important topic.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links from other websites to yours. They create a bridge between like websites with similar content (or even without similar content). They allow surfers to jump from relevant page to relevant page as they seek answers to their questions.

What’s the Big Deal About Backlinks?

The more times a link to your marketing website is created on another webpage (backlinks), the more search engines like Google trust that your website has relevant information to share with web surfers. Remember that there is no Google-god dictating who gets to stand first in line. It’s an automated system that relies on complicated algorithms to tell it what solutions to spit out to the people asking it questions.
It’s not like there are search engine elves sitting in a dark room somewhere waiting for people to Google something so they can do in-depth research on what website has the most relevant and helpful information.

How Are Backlinks Created?

Backlinks are created by website operators. Say for instance that you are marketing a dog grooming service. A well-known pet blogger writes about your services and then creates a backlink to your website on their page.
Several of the blogger’s readers are convinced that your service is the answer to their pet maintenance hassles.   They click on the link and are routed to your website. Now these same surfers have websites of their own. They try your dog grooming service, fall in love with it, and mention your services on their websites with links back to your webpage. You now have a backlink of a backlink to your page. The more times this happens, the higher the regard with which search engines will view your webpage.

Do Quality Backlinks Pack More Punch Than Quantity?

If you get hundreds of sites to backlink to your website but those pages have duplicate information or are totally unrelated to your niche content, the search engine may penalize you for it. Search engines reward websites that are unique and are content specific.
Don’t get me wrong lots of crappy backlinks will work despite what the so called experts say – and I can prove it.  But it is also a good idea to have some quality back links from authority sites with good page rank.

Relevance For Affiliate and Network Marketers

You know that without backlinks, your marketing website might as well be invisible. Next time, we’ll discuss how to get other websites to start voting for your website and make you the most popular website in your niche.
If you’re an affiliate or network marketer you can generate heaps of leads if you get your pages ranked on Google and other search engines.  But the key is to crank up a back linking program in order to get your web pages ranked.  Without that the chances of your site to be ever seen is slim to none.
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