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Mike Dillard Review

Mike Dillard is a thirty-something entrepreneur and network marketing guru with a success story that is the stuff of legends. In less than 18 months, Dillard graduated from waiting tables to making his first million by creating a program to teach network marketers how to use the internet combined with attraction marketing techniques to make a buck.
His secret: burying established network marketing models and embracing new models in an un-traversed business culture using insider information, knowledge, and his Magnetic Sponsorship marketing course.

Mike Dillard Companies for the Home Business Owner

Dillard owns two companies geared toward equipping home business owners and network marketers to successfully promote their niche business. Betternetworker is a free, social community where people go to swap ideas around the water cooler- newbie’s to learn from veterans and veterans to gain a fresh outlook and perspective.
Betternetworker hosts a collection of over 15,000 articles and a variety of podcasts and videos with insider information on how to build a successful niche market. As a small way to give back to the public that Dillard feels has given him so much, participation in the Betternetworker community is entirely free.

Mike Dillard and Magnetic Sponsoring

Considered a leading authority on internet marketing, personal branding, and attraction marketing, Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring and MLM Traffic Formula course teaches individuals how to continually catch the attention of viable customers who are ready to commit. Dillard’s own story is a tribute to the success of the Magnetic Sponsoring formula. Dillard has made as much as $1.4 million in less than one week using his program.

Mike Dillard and The Elevation Group

Dillard began with the dream of teaching every person the secret to investing like the ultra rich and is now on a climb toward promoting the kind of wealth that lies far beyond the possession of a healthy income. The Elevation Group wants to abolish the status quo in the way that people invest, live, and prepare for their future.
The goal of the group is to create a future where people eat locally grown food, an education system that teaches kids what it means to be leaders, and a country that can once again be admired throughout the world.

Mike Dillard and Prana

Prana is a Latin word for, “life energy” or, “life force.” An apt name for what is to be the parent company of all of Dillard’s online marketing projects. Through Prana, Dillard intends to build a niche marketing platform that includes social media and direct response salesmanship. His desire is to build a product no other marketing platform can match.

Mike Dillard’s Prana

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that what literally gives Dillard prana is his aspiration to create wealth and a better quality of life for everyone. If you read between the lines of his personal blog and marketing website, you can still see the 26 year-old Dillard selling his stuff to afford groceries for the week and dreaming of the success and accolades he is now so anxious to share.
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