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How to Build Email Lists and Why it’s Important to Your Business

If you want to build your home  business locally or online you need to grow your email list.    Email lists are important because they enable you, the business owner, to stay in touch with your niche customers in an inexpensive way – and to grow your sign ups and sales.  It’s as simple as that.
If you already have a business blog or website, you might be missing out on the opportunity to take periodic readers and turn them into loyal subscribers because you’re allowing them to leave your site.

How Can Email Lists Work For You?

-Email lists make it easy for you to keep in touch with current and new customers.
-Emails are an easy way for current niche customers to share information with potential new customers.
-Emails drive customers to your website.
-High traffic on your website can mean more marketing and monetizing opportunities for you from your website (ads, sponsors, etc).
-High traffic means your expert information/products/services are getting more exposure.
-High traffic drives up your search engine rankings which equate to more credibility as a reputable source of information/service/products to new prospects.
Makes sense right? Email lists can start a positive domino effect for your business or blog. Building email lists is smart.
There are four things you can do to turn your website or blog into a lead generating, high traffic-producing factory.

Why Do People Sign-up for Email Subscriptions?

They trust you. You have loads of  subscribers to your blog (and they know it), or you have lots of “popular posts” .  Maybe your content resonates with the audience.  If you don’t have a blog, you might have a compelling squeeze page that offers the reader a free report or similar in return for their email address.

Place Email Address Requests in 3 Obvious Places

1. Use your “About” page to get people to submit their email addresses. If people want to check your credibility (and they will) before putting any stock in what you have to say, they’ll go here. Ask them for their email address after you’ve told them why it’s important for them to give you their email information and then again after you’ve established your credibility in the industry.
But don’t just limit your opt in form to the ‘About Me’ page – insert it on EVERY page of your site.
2. Ask for it after every article you post online.  If the reader has read the entire article and made their way to the bottom of the page, they obviously liked or were interested enough in what you had to say to hang in there until the end. Again, they subscribe because you’re a credible source.
3. Put a request for email addresses in the sidebar. These get noticed too.  Check this site for an example!

Requests For Email Addresses Should be Clear

Readers can get confused about what they should do next if there is too much information calling for their attention.
Don’t add requests for email on sidebars that are cluttered. Get rid of the clutter and include four or fewer sections in the sidebar. Consider only including: email request, a popular posts link, search bar, and ads.

Build Email Lists Using 7 High Conversion Places

1. Feature Box
2. Top of the sidebar
3. After single posts
4. Footer of the website
5. The “About” page
6. Bar at the top of the webpage
7. Pop-up requests for emails

Use Industry Specific Email Forms to Build Email Lists

For instance, using pop-ups for technologically savvy people or online marketers is probably a mistake. People like you know where to look to get more information or subscribe to blogs and websites. Pop-ups to you would therefore be incredibly annoying. However, for people working in the music industry, teenagers shopping for the latest gadgets, or a less tech savvy audience, pop-ups might be considered helpful and drive a call to action.
That said, I use pop ups because I’ve found that for my audience they do work – my opt ins increase dramatically when I use them – but they need to be very targeted.
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Kim Willis

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