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Vault Denim Quick Review

vault denim review

Vault Denim MLM Review

For an article of clothing originally fashioned for hard working men to beat-up and grunge-out, denim has transcended its blue-collar roots and commanded celebrity status with the help of fashion houses, movie stars, and now its own multilevel marketing (MLM) company. Vault Denim was stitched together by the concept that fashion forward people with entrepreneurial ambitions could make their dreams come true with a hard working compensation model.

Vault Denim Business Model

The cost of starting as a Vault Fashion Consultant or VFC is less than the price of a pair of designer jeans. With $159, VFCs get quite a bit in their starter kit: information manuals, business cards, coupons, personal business email address, and other resources.
The starter kit includes tools to help VFCs sell Vault Denim online or in person. The great advantage to the Vault Denim business model is that consultants don’t have to keep an inventory of the jeans on hand (which we know equates to a potential loss) which is conducive to inspired marketing with less pressure to “sell” short-term.

Vault Denim Product Information

Vault jeans promise to be up to 50% less expensive than jeans available in department stores and malls. After perusing the Vault Denim website you would note that the average pair of jeans costs about $48-$92 depending on the style, size, and materials used.

Vault Denim Compensation Plan: Numbers Crunch

-It costs $159 to get the starter kit. This means the investment could easily pay for itself in one week.
-VFCs earn 18%-24% commission on personal sales. So, if they sell $1,000 worth of jeans in one week, they earn a cool $180 that week.
-On top of personal sales, VFCs earn 7% of the sales generated by VFCs they sign-up (sponsor).
-VFCs are also eligible to earn 5% off the sales of the members sponsored by the members they sponsor (you get the math).

Vault Denim Notes

Consultants may sell the jeans online or through in-house parties. Consider what methods work the best for you as a network marketer before you try this MLM on for size.  Above all, consult with your upline – seek marketing guidance from them.  Additionally if you would like to leverage the internet to grow your leads flow check out the offer below.
The good news is that the cost of trying Vault Denim won’t slim your pockets too much.
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