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Independent Energy Alliance

independent energy alliance

Energy is a scarce natural resource that is dwindling- a fact that companies like the Independent Energy Alliance have taken a significant interest in rectifying. The Independent Energy Alliance is a multilevel marketing company that has positioned itself in the energy and oil industry to succeed during tough economic times.

About Independent Energy Alliance

Founded in 2007, Richard Vague and Kevin Kleinschmidt launched the company as a response to oil deregulation laws. Independent Energy Alliance gives consumers the opportunity to choose from alternative energy sources that are unheard of with large-scale commercial power producers. Consumers are given the chance to become alternative Energy Alliance Distributors and make commissions on the sale of alternative, green fuel.

About the Founders

Vague and Kleinshchmidt have both achieved financial success since they started business in the 1990s. Vague launched First USA Bank while Kleinshchmidt founded various start-up companies that went on to be successful. The Independent Energy Alliance was launched with the intention of helping people make life-changing decisions that would result in financial freedom.

The Independent Energy Alliance Business Model

Energy Alliance Distributors can make income in seven different ways. Income is made through:
-Accelerator Bonus (based on number of customers enrolled in a set number of weeks).
-Weekly Leadership Bonus (based on number of customers and associates enrolled in consecutive weeks)
-Monthly Residual Income (based on amount of energy used by customers)
-Monthly Leadership Residual Income (based on number of active associates and customers in the distributor’s team).
-Leader Development Bonus (based on number of associates enrolled).
-Achievement Bonus (based on number of managers and directors in the distributor’s team)
-Choices Change Lives Bonus (based on leadership status attained)

How to Become an Independent Energy Alliance Distributor

-Alliance Distributors must be 18 years or older to enroll in the program and must be residents of the United States (with the exception of states that have oil and energy restrictions).
-Distributors must purchase an Alliance Welcome Kit (onetime fee of $369).
-Pay a monthly association fee ($21.95).
-Pay the annual membership ($59).

How to Be a Successful Independent Energy Alliance Distributor

The chance to create entrepreneurial success from selling alternative energy could be considered a once in a lifetime opportunity for the right network marketer.
While the cost to be an Alliance Distributor is just under $700 as a first year associate, the annual fees paid after that is minimal. If associates are willing to work hard and use this MLM company as an opportunity to capitalize on the nation’s changing economic structure; the profit-making capability with Independent Energy Alliance could be tremendous.
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