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eCosway Company Review

eCosway review If you’re tired of multilevel marketing (MLM) companies that offer the same old health and wellness products under the same MLM business structure and compensation models, eCosway’s company model might pique and hold your interest. eCosway is a MLM that offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to run their business online and through a local shop.

What is eCosway? Sounds a Lot Like Costco to Me

eCosway is a subsidiary of Cosway, the California-based company that’s been in operation since 1979. Both companies are part of the family of well-known businesses owned by the Berjaya Group. Familiar brands like Wendy’s, Singer, Mazda, and Krispy Kreme are a part of the Berjaya family.
eCosway first launched in Malaysia in 2002 and has since expanded to several countries including the United States, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Korea. Costco and eCosway offer a similar breadth of products but with a different mission and sale structure. eCosway sells a wide variety of products in a broad range of categories from all over the world to all over the world. Products such as: health and wellness products, home care, personal care, cosmetics, cookware, clothes, food, and beverages.

eCosway Business Owners

Customers who decide to become Independent Business Owners (IBOs) for eCosway have the opportunity through this MLM company to earn income through sales generated worldwide whether in a physical store or online through the eCosway website. IBOs also have the chance to make a percentage off of any new IBO they recruit as a part of their network.

eCosway Review- Compensation Model

Each product at eCosway is assigned a different “eVolume” or eV. The eV is the amount of commission IBOs may collect from the sale of each product. Monthly tallies of eV are assessed on personal and team sales and five kinds of profit are defined as income generating products:
-Direct Profit (made through purchases made by the IBO’s network and VIP shoppers within the same country)
-Personal Branch Profit (income made through an IBO’s local and foreign branches)
-Branch Override Profit (income made through an IBO’s local and foreign branches)
-Branch Performance Incentives (income made through an IBO’s local and foreign branches)
-Extra Incentives (income made through an IBO’s local and foreign branches)
Income percentages for IBOs increase as eVs increase.

Always Want to be a Franchisee? eCosway stores are FREE to Run

eCosway IBOs who successfully run their online store have the opportunity to open an eCosway store in a prime location where they live. Unlike buying a franchise, running an eCosway store provides the IBO with all the benefits of franchise ownership without the cost or hassle of dealing with the day-to-day details of store ownership.
-No investment up-front (no lease, no bills)
-IBO’s have no fees to pay
-IBOs choose from a plethora of products
-Get more time and monetary freedom
-Get more profit streams
-Get increased exposure to new customers

How to Succeed with eCosway

-Pay the $60 membership fee
-Pay the annual $30 fee to keep the eCosway account up to date
-Understand the five Ps of eCosway’s business model:

  • Product: exclusive, quality products from all around the world
  • Price: competitively priced products
  • Place: e-stores and prominently placed physical locations
  • Promotion: attractive promotions to help IBOs foster loyal customers
  • Profit Plan: built through an unlimited, borderless shopper and IBO team network.

Is eCosway the Way for You?

As a network marketer, you know the kind of dedication and hard work running successful online MLMs require. If you’d like to stretch your marketing abilities, earning the chance to run your own local eCosway store might be the challenge you never knew you wanted.
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