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Pure Romance Review

Photobucket In the world of multilevel marketing (MLM), it’s common to find the road of opportunity strewn with the next best “thing” when it comes to health and wellness products. They all promise to boost your efforts at financial independence with vitamins, wellness shakes, and rare minerals.
Less common however are opportunities to use the MLM operating structure to enhance other people’s love lives. Pure Romance is an Ohio-based MLM company that wants to enhance romantic relationships while fattening your pocketbook.

What is Pure Romance?

Pure Romance sells romance and relationship enhancement products. The categories of products range from beauty to bath to bedroom accessories. Pure Romance consultants have the opportunity to make commissions off of what they sell and the sales generated by the consultants they recruit.

The Pros and Cons of Pure Romance

The positives are definitely in the product itself. If you think about the network marketers you know, which of them do you see marketing this product? The marketers who would want to be a part of this niche opportunity are probably relatively small. If you’re one of those network marketers, then you could be a big fish in a small pond. And we all know how lucrative swimming in those circles can be for some.
On the other hand, because the niche is so specific, the product is not going to appeal to everyone. Some major demographic trends come into play here. What is the gender of the market most drawn to purchasing romantic enhancements? How old is this audience? Where does this audience go for relationship advice? The unique elements of this product can strengthen or weaken your MLM opportunity as a result of your marketing strategy.

Pure Romance Products and Services

An example of the kinds of products and services Pure Romance is most known include:
-Essential oils
-Bath products
-Sex enhancement products

Pure Romance Business Model

As you can imagine, these aren’t the kinds of products one would feel comfortable whipping out in corporate break rooms, trade fairs, or product booths at parks and malls. The customer base would more than likely avoid you like the plague if you tried to sell these products in “public.” Pure Romance’s sale model accommodates the product- encouraging consultants to throw parties at their home or at a willing host’s place of residence.
The point of Pure Romance parties is to sell products and recruit more consultants. Consultants earn commissions on personal sales as well as commissions on products sold by recruits who sell products under them. On average, each party reportedly generates $500 worth of sales. Annually, Pure Romance’s website shows consultant earnings as high as $40,000 as a result of hosting Pure Romance parties three to four times per week.

So…Do You Have That Loving Feeling about Pure Romance?

If you do, get ready to stretch your network marketing prowess. It may not be a difficult MLM company to draw a little passive income from, but who among us want just a bit of the pie? If you want a serious relationship with Pure Romance, think about the very specific and compelling ways that you can market the product to your network. You should already be getting blogging and video marketing ideas. You’re selling enhanced relationships rather than health in a bottle. Think about the ways you could start relating to your customers with the Pure Romance brand.
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