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QLXchange Company Review

QLxchange review

The QLXchange multilevel marketing (MLM) company is a low risk company that might fit your budget.  As they say, you sometimes get back what you invest and QLXchange may be no exception to the rule.  I’ve summarized some information about QLXchange below so you can decide for yourself how much the initial $5 investment is worth.

What is QLXchange?

QLXchange is a company based in Panama City, Panama that exchanges gold, silver, and other precious metals through a multilevel marketing program. The QLXchange leadership team has 40 years of combined experience in network marketing, retail sales, the service industry, and investment management. The company says they are client-centered and want to help entrepreneurs increase their MLM success through impartation of innovative business strategies, marketing tools, and education.

QLXchange’s Business Profit Model

As far as profit goes, members should at minimum be able to recoup their initial $5 investment.  The $5 buys you the eligibility to earn commissions and royalties from your own investments as well as from getting others to invest.  At $5 your investment is at a tier one level.  Since you can only earn commission on the product that you own, you will need to invest more than $5 into your business in order to earn significant royalties.  If a new customer wants to invest in a higher tier of ownership than you currently own, you will have missed-out on that new customer’s business.
The membership to QLXchange includes:
-Discounts on silver
-Tools to help you market and sell the product
-Knowledgebase for selling from home
-Opportunity to make residual income for your team (or your down-line)
-Ability to make short and long-term profit from gold and silver values fluctuating in the market.

How to Succeed at the QLXchange

It really depends on you.  How finely honed are your networking skills?  What is the size of your network?  How much patience and time do you have to spend on this MLM company?  How much are you willing to invest?  If you really want the opportunity to make an income with QLXchange, you might need to invest in the higher tiers of silver and gold ownership.

QLXchange Company Advantages

-Investment in precious metals could be seen as low-risk
-Precious metals serve as protection from inflation
-Low initial investment and investment increases by level
-Sellers are guaranteed to get 100% of their investment back

QLXchange Company Disadvantages

-QLXchange has an unconventional approach to MLM.  Profits are not earned by new membership fees but solely on the sale of precious metals.
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