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 While our electronic gadgets and equipment operate more efficiently and use less energy today than they did in 1978, consumption of energy is estimated to triple in the years to come, making Momentis an increasingly important player in the multilevel marketing industry of tomorrow.

Who is Momentis?

Momentis is the marketing arm of the billion-dollar, publicly held company, Just Energy. Just Energy’s vision is to revolutionize the way North Americans view the use of energy as well as the imprint energy use leave on the environment. The company leads in retail sales of natural gas, green energy, and green electricity with a customer base in Canada and the U.S. of 1.8 million.

Momentis and the Future of Business

Momentis sees the future of energy usage as a giant business opportunity for people seeking financial freedom. As the use of electronic equipment and gadgets increase, Momentis projects that the need for people in retail, manufacturing, and distributor positions to perform those functions will decrease. Momentis says their business model circumvents this downward trend in utilizing the “human” workforce by providing small business opportunities to more and more individuals interested in selling green energy.

What is Momentis’s MLM Business Model?

Qualified Marketing Representatives (QMRs) can make an income through Momentis in two primary ways: signing-up new Just Energy customers and building a marketing team. There are five income generating opportunities through Momentis:
1. Momentum Immediate Bonus: earn money right away. Enroll three pending/active customers in the first 30 days and earn three points or $100. The next 10 customers earns QMRs another $100, etc.
2. Mentor Bonus: immediate mentor bonuses every time a new marketing representative is enrolled.
3. MyTeam Bonuses: Regional Directors and above (3 of 5 on the leadership ladder) earn MyTeam bonuses. MyTeam Bonuses reward QMRs for enrolling team members through a graduated reward program based on the growth of the team.
4. My Leadership Bonus: bonuses earned through QMRs not personally enrolled by the QMR but enrolled by someone on their team.
5. Monthly Recurring Income: earned through personal customers who are active Just Energy account holders.

How Do I Become a QMR with Momentis?

  • Pay the cost of enrolment $299
  • Complete the certification training required to become a Qualified Marketing Representative
  • Read the training materials
  • Take advantage of the personal website to expose potential customers
  • Utilize the Momentis Resource Center which houses functional reports and marketing tools
  • Attend local, regional, and international training opportunities
  • Take regular conference from Momentis to stay motivated
  • Utilize award winning customer support services

Gain Momentum with Momentis MLM Strategy

One of Momentis’s most significant assets is its relevancy to our current marketplace. More and more consumers around the globe want earth friendly ways to live comfortably, work efficiently, and live intentionally. If you want to position yourself to work within an MLM opportunity with triple the growth potential you may find the right MLM vehicle for you in Momentis.
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Kim Willis

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