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Resorts360 Review

Is Resorts360 the Real Deal?

There are quite a few travel based network marketing/direct sales companies out there which means as you’re sifting through potentially shady opportunities to get to the real ones you’ll probably stumble onto Resorts360. Is this MLM opportunity real, or is it a scam? I’ve compiled the facts about Resorts360 so you can decide for yourself.

About Resorts360

Resorts360 is a private travel club that launched in 2008 out of Washington State. Founder Roger Rutter, a former commercial airline pilot, wanted to create a travel company that gave great vacation deals to members while providing income generating opportunities for people willing to refer club memberships to others. The company is still relatively young. It defines its mission as: always placing customer needs first, applying cutting edge marketing technology to benefit Resort360 associates, and providing the best vacation packages possible to club members.

Travel Membership Benefits through Resorts 360

Travel club members with Resort360 can apply for one of four membership options:

  • Deluxe (yearly membership): $795
  • Executive (membership for three consecutive years): $1,995
  • VIP (membership for 10 years): $3,995
  • Elite Life (lifetime membership): $9,995

The cost to join may seem steep, but if you do the math by comparing traditional vacation costs against membership vacation costs (plus the cost of membership), chances are the benefits will far outweigh the membership fee.

Other Benefits with Resorts360

All members qualify for more than 50% off of travel related expenses from around the world. Resort360 discounts apply on almost all travel expenses including accommodations, airfare, travel insurance, and car rental. Members also have the opportunity to earn travel points which can then be applied to future vacations. Additional points are earned when members refer other members to Resorts360.

How Do I Make Money with Resorts360?

Associates with Resort360 are on a Progressive Leverage Compensation Plan. There is no cap on the amount of commissions associates can earn and commissions are based on the concept of compounding pay lines. Commissions begin at $150 per sale and increase up to $5,000 per sale. According to their website, Resort360 Associates have the opportunity to double their commissions every month. Associates also have the opportunity to earn bonuses as they build their personal team of associates.

How Will Resorts360 Get Me on My Way?

Resorts360 seems to offer a comprehensive training program for new associate that is designed to challenge and motivate. Weekly webinars and conference calls with expert associates who have earned six and seven figure incomes give associates the opportunity to ask questions and learn from the best. Topics range from low-cost marketing methods to launching a Resorts360 business through social media websites. Resorts360 also provides finance and tax advice to associates who are new to home based businesses. The MLM company provides free consultations on how business owners can start saving money as they work from home.

The 411 on Resorts360

Resorts360 is not a get rich quick scheme or one of those MLMs that will never measure up to its promises. The company offers a desirable product as well as a competitive compensation plan for their associates.
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