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Generate Residual Income Streams and Prosper

Are you wanting a way to create an abundance of residual income streams to eliminate your money worries forever?  Read my short blog post and learn about a great way to do that.

Quick Affiliate Marketing Test

First up, take this quick test and see how you score.
Look at these two real life affiliate marketing example strategies.  Ask yourself which one is more profitable and rewarding overall.   Here are the examples and their assumptions:

  1. It requires one hundred clicks for a sale to be made. Each sale pays a $100 one time commission.  There is a five percent refund factor.  Let’s say you pay $0.80 per click, how much commission will you earn for every $100 investment?
  2. This example requires also requires a hundred clicks to hit paydirt. Each sale pays a $100 PLUS a once a month commission of $10. The refund rate is the same at 5 per cent.  Final assumption is that the average monthly subscription lasts for four months.

If we say that for both examples you pay 80 cents a click, how much will you make for every $100 you spend?  In the 1st example your cost might be $80 a sale. So your profit per sale would be $20 less the 5% refund leaving you with an ROI (return on investment) of $19. That is a reasonable investment.
In the second example you get the same initial result for the sale — $80.  But your net profit is dramatically better simply because you enjoyed 4 months worth of residual income. You’ll still get the $19 ROI on your 1st $100 investment, but here you make an extra $40 which equates to a 59% investment return.

Residual Income – The Difference that Makes a Difference

Review any Super Affiliate’s selling system or model and you’ll notice the one time offer will be the product originally promoted, but they will try and leverage that sale.  For example, they may offer special bonuses as an inducement to buy from their affiliate link…
The reason they do this that they know that they can LEVERAGE the opt-in info to sell other products, which could also include a monthly subscription program.  So the minimum outcome for the marketer is that he/she makes a one off affiliate commission whilst at the same time adds to his list.  It is instructive to know that every targeted opt in is commonly worth $0.25 to $5.00 pery month or even more, to the list owner.
Super Affiliates will most likely target promoting products that may seem to only pay a one-time commission, but in fact turn out to pay a big amount in monthly residual income if there is an up sell into some sort of a recurring payment program.   What you can learn from this exercise is if an affiliate marketing product does have a continual opportunity to earn extra income, just grab it.
Do you ‘get it?  It’s the difference between achieving an excellent 59% ROI or a lousy 19%.

Multiple Residual Income Streams is the Key to Wealth

Do you know about the Nile River?  It’s the largest in the world.  If you check out Google maps you can see it and its 2 main tributaries.  So it’s huge.  However you will not see the thousands of tiny tributaries, streams and brooks that run from the main artery.  Apparently there are thousands of them.
All the water in those thousands of tiny streams converges to make the Nile enormous.   So think of your affiliate promotional efforts like that.  By creating multiple streams of income ; you are building a stream of wealth for the future. You start the process by promoting a number of different products that have the advantage of making recurring streams of income. Stick to those and nothing else.
Finally you will be able to relax and enjoy that stream of income. Imagine beginning each month with a growing bank balance without doing a thing! Isn’t that the ideal scenario? You will never again start the month having to figure out what you’ve got to do to make money to meet the bills simply because it will already be there in your account.  Isn;t this a smart way to create financial security?
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