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Tripazon Review

tripazon review

Trippin’ Around With  Tripazon

Self-described as a “lighthearted, fun, and viral,” company, Tripazon is a multilevel marketing (MLM) travel biz poised to be a home-based marketing rock star.
I have high expectations for Tripazon’s future success and its hard not to when given all the facts. Only time will tell if this MLM Company will reach its potential but so far, the future looks good.

Who Or What  is Tripazon?

Tripazon is the stepchild of Resorts 360 which is a top-tier travel membership program founded by ex commercial airline pilot Rodger Rutter. Rutter decided to launch Tripazon earlier this year to provide services for travelers who wanted club benefits and savings but desired lower membership fees. This is good news for home-based business marketers too. Unlike Resorts 360 which costs about $800 just to buy-into the company at entry level, Tripazon costs considerably less.


How does $147 for a week in Hawaii (with your entire family) sound? There is a bounty of travel deals and trips like this available for members. To join, the initial membership fee is $199 and then $59 a month after that. Plain and simple.
There are thousands of beautiful resorts and hotels all over the world with similar price tags that include an invite to stay for no less than a week, with your entire family. You can do the math. If one week in Hawaii typically runs you “x” amount for five people and you compare that amount against paying the yearly Tripazon fee ($199) plus the monthly $59 fee that’s a yearly total of $848 you can already see the savings. Include the trip to Hawaii on your membership tab and you’re paying $1,054 for one vacation through Tripazon. If you take more trips that year, your savings increase even more.

How to Earn an Income with Tripazon

It wouldn’t surprise me if Tripazon goes viral within the next year or two. The holiday deals, the energy behind the brand, and the MLM structure are practically chanting, “Success!” Here’s how it works. Members pay their fees and then are given the opportunity to turn around and offer that membership to other people.
The compensation system is binary in nature, which means the person selling the membership makes an income on what they sell plus commissions on what the members under them sell. The compensation system with Tripazon is one cold cash snowball.

Tripazon Profit Breakdown

Your membership fee is compensated when you get four people to buy memberships under you. Residual style income is created when people on your down line generate an income. The compensation plan itself is straightforward but there are several ways to make an income as a Tripazon travel consultant.

Think You Could Quit Your Day Job?

Keep your day job until you do some research and a little soul-searching, but after that is done; consider the real possibility that you could earn a full-time income with Tripazon. Here is an example of how your compensation will work:
1. Enroll Sue.
2. Collect $20.
3. Sue is a member for a whole year. Collect $10 for every month Sue is an active member (forever).
4. Enroll two more friends. Collect $40 for your third friend and then a $10 monthly income because of him for every active month (forever).
5. Now collect $40 per new person you enroll (and that’s forever).
Compensation encompasses your personal enrollments as well as your team’s enrollments. Go to the Tripazon website for a video presentation that will knock your socks off.

We’ve Saved the Best for Last- No Man is an Island at Tripazon

The product might be the best thing since sliced bread and the compensation system might have you doing cartwheels in your home office but without a successful marketing system, you’ll find yourself quickly losing steam.
Your role as a Tripazon rep is straightforward. You drive people to your lead capture page (provided by Tripazon) where they will watch the corporately produced online presentations.
You network all of the time. You have conversations face-to-face; you market your business through other sources.
After that, your work is done for you. Once the lead decides to become a member the corporate team will do the rest. They will even train your new addition and get them started so they can quickly begin making an income for you.

Final Thoughts on Tripazon

I’ve looked at many direct sales and network marketing companies through the years, but nothing has quite gotten my attention as Tripazon has. I don’t feel as though there are loopholes I might fall into unexpectedly (whew)!   The product is good, the marketing and compensation plan is simple…it’s practically idiot proof.
I guess that’s why I’ve purchased a membership.

Better Than Tripazon

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