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7 Tips on How to Produce Quality Content For Your Blog

Back when blogging resembled an online journal more than a multi-million dollar moneymaker, people didn’t need articles like this oneBut today, blogging is a lucrative business and like any other income streaming machine, it needs customers to make it valuable and viable.  So what makes readers come back for more of your insights day after day?  Quality posts.  Let’s take a look at 7 tips on how to produce quality content for your blog.
1.  Do the Research First
The key to providing quality content for your blog is in using accurate, newsy, well thought-out information to populate your posts.  Depending on the theme of your blog, you might not need to do a lot of research but using third-party information might go a long way in adding interest and a feeling of authority for your blog.
2. Include a Variety of Content
Maintain a central theme but write about a variety of topics that are logical detours or supplements to your market niche.  A great way to produce quality content for your blog is by adding infographics, videos, music, power point slides and links.  Remember that you can always link within your blog to keep people from getting distracted on other websites.  Another advantage to linking people to your own content is that you can show them more of the resources you have to offer.
3. Keep it Short
Producing quality content for your blog does not necessarily translate into writing long, information packed posts.   Remember your audience and consider whether or not the topic requires a lot of fleshing out.  The shorter, more informative, more entertaining posts will keep readers on your site, encourage them to share your blog with other potential leads, and keep them interested.  A good rule of thumb is to write posts that are between 400-800 words.
4. Write Compelling Headlines
Think about the kinds of headlines that grab your attention and pique your interest.  Producing quality content for your blog includes using an eye-catching title for your blog post.  Consider some of the things that you search.  Something a lot of bloggers are doing right now are creating lists- 7 Tips on How to Create Quality Content for Your Blog, for instance.  It worked right?  Don’t be afraid to play with the headlines until you see something that really commands attention.
5. Poll Your Readers
Ask them what topics they’d like to read more about.  Getting readers involved can feel like a risk.  What if they don’t respond?  It’s a win-win either way.  If your readers respond, you know they care and are reading what you write.  If they don’t, you already know your content needs to improve.
6. Keep a List of Possible Blog Topics
Producing quality content for your blog is much easier if you have a list of possible topics to reference when writer’s block congests your creativity.   Use an excel spreadsheet or input notes into your phone (or notebook, if you’re old school) so you’re never left without something interesting to say.
7. Proof Read and Post Later
Quality content is not written and published within the span of 30 minutes unless you can type faster than you can think and you’re a grammatical genius.  Once you’ve written your post, step away for 15-30 minutes, come back to it, and then spend a few intentional minutes proofreading your post.  And don’t publish your post right away.  Statistically, the best time to post is between 2pm and 6pm GMT Monday through Thursday.  The simple reason is that people in America are getting their day started while people in Europe are winding down.
Notes on 7 Tips on How to Produce Quality Content for Your Blog
When you condense these 7 tips, it’s really all about intentionality.  Be intentional about your blog topic, be intentional in the sources and resources you use to tell the story, and then be intentional about proofing and posting.  Incorporate these tips and you’ll have lots of quality content for your blog.
 A Note For Network and Affiliate Marketers.
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