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Polaris Media Group Review

Polaris Media Group Review

Polaris Media Group sells top tier personal development products through representatives who can make $10,000 per transaction or more with the company’s two-up style pay plan.  Will everyone make that kind of money with Polaris Media?  Obviously not, but the potential exists, and where there’s opportunity, there’s a way, especially if you’re willing to work hard to get it.

What Big Ticket Items Does Polaris Media Group Sell?

PMG sells a better version of you.  Personal development is PMG’s niche – a rather expensive one.  Personal development is a billion dollar industry and Polaris Media Group has something for everyone in almost every price point.  Products coach individuals on how to achieve entrepreneurial and personal success.  DVDs can cost about $30 whereas a top level conference will cost around $15,000.  You might recognize their home study program, Beyond Freedom, or their notable series on personal and entrepreneurial development called, Departure, Decision, and Action.  Polaris Media also offers conferences and development workshops.

About Polaris Media Group

You may have heard of the defunct group, Liberty League.  Polaris Media Group rose from the remains of the former distributor force who were turned-out of the company after an investigation revealed that they were scamming network marketers and customers.
Founded by entrepreneur Shane Krider in 2009, the group unlike its kissing cousin is claimed not to be a scam.  The products are real, the opportunity is real, but there is still not a lot of in-depth information about the group readily available online.

PMG Compensation Plan

In essence compensation is awarded on four levels of performance.  Compensation increases as Polaris Media products are referred to more people.

Is Polaris Media Group a Good Investment?

It’s too early to tell, although selling big ticket items typically usually doesn’t translate into a stable business model.  And certainly they’ve had their fair share of challenges in relation to retaining Polaris Media reps.  The bottom line is that no matter what you decide, conscientious follow-up should be done on the products, the training system, and the compensation plan from the first.

Polaris Training Program

The great thing about the group’s training program is that it encourages marketers to sell the products through online tools and resources.  The bad news is that their training program doesn’t encompass anything groundbreaking or especially worth mentioning.  The training offered through Polaris Media is somewhat basic.

Polaris Media Group May Not Have it – But Others Do

If you think you can be passionate about helping other people achieve their personal and professional goals through Polaris Media’s development products, don’t let the lack of in-house training stall your momentum.  You’re going to need a solid marketing strategy coupled with leads – lots of them.  I can help you obtain both.
Whether you’ve already signed-up with Polaris Media Group, or the jury’s still out, sign-up below for FREE training.  Regardless of what MLM company you’re working with, I can help you generate loads of leads for your business.

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