Internet Marketing From Home

Nuts and Bolts of Writing Web Content

How to Write Great Web Content If you are an on-line oriented network marketer (or even an affiliate marketer), you will need to create great web content.   Rather than just focusing on creating content that will help you get ranked with Google (and being TOO obsessed about stuffing your keywords into your content), instead … Read more

How to Overcome The Pyramid Scheme Objection

If you’re a network marketer you’ve probably had people say this to you a few times……….. “Is this one of those pyramid deals?” When they say something like that how do you handle it?   Most reps seem to go on the defensive and wax lyrical about why their company is not a great big pyramid scheme. But I have found … Read more

Got the Warm Market Blues?

I wrote a blog post the other day about a place called Bali.  I called it ‘Poor Man’s Bali’.  Actually it wasn’t about Bali at all.  It was about a new up and comer in the hot travel stakes called Boracay. Then this morning I got an email from Ray Higdon who was living it up in … Read more