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How to Handle People Who Won't Buy Your Product

mlm tips Before I got into my current (travel) business I was marketing a high ticket financial education product.
Although I made a lot of money from it, I lost count of the times that people who wanted a home business, asked me this question:
“Do I have to buy the product for myself?”
My answer was always the same: “No, you don’t HAVE to buy the product. (Dramatic Pause.)   And you don’t HAVE to make money either”.
(I could have also added that I don’t HAVE to work with them – but that would have been too brutal!)
These poor misguided souls thought that somehow success would just happen, whether or not they bought the product for themselves.
They had no idea about the crucial link between ownership and belief.
Sometimes I’ll get someone who doesn’t want to buy the product say this to me:
‘You teach me and when I make money I’ll buy the product’.
He he. After I stop laughing I put them straight, or I just finish the call. Can’t be bothered.  If I can be bothered I’ll just say ‘yea you can do that. My fee to coach you is $5,000’.
That sorts them out – every time.
These people are the cheapskates of this world who in their delusional state think that I somehow am going to give up my valuable time to train them – simply because they think they somehow deserve it.
These dropkicks not only show no respect for me, they have an inflated sense of their own value. Like I NEED them (I don’t.)
End of rant. he he
Here is the good news.
If you toughen up your attitude – like I did – you will be able to handle people with an entitlement mentality, or people who just don’t understand the basics of human psychology.
And if you need clarity on why prospective reps HAVE to buy your product, all you need to remember is that when people put their money where their mouth is, their own internal psychology changes – for the better.  One tip is to tell prospects this: ‘you can’t sell what you don’t own’.  Do it with conviction and you will bring people around to your point of view.
I am here to help you, and show you all the short cuts I’ve learned over the last few years.
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