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Got the Warm Market Blues?

warm market prospectingI wrote a blog post the other day about a place called Bali.  I called it ‘Poor Man’s Bali’.  Actually it wasn’t about Bali at all.  It was about a new up and comer in the hot travel stakes called Boracay.

Then this morning I got an email from Ray Higdon who was living it up in Puerto Rico.    The article was about warm market prospecting, which follows hot on the heels of another from First Class Tools, which is a product based training business owned by industry legend Tim Sales.  Purportedly the article was about online marketing, but in reality it was about the same topic – Warm Market Prospecting.    Or more correctly – the real reason why many people embrace online methods.  They want to avoid warm market prospecting.
In that article, network marketer Jackie Ulmer was interviewed about her thoughts on online marketing versus offline.  After reading the interview it became apparent that Jackie has been online marketing for several years, but doesn’t do it exclusively.  She takes a balanced approach.
I like the fact she also made a point of reminding people that online marketing is often slower, not faster, than offline methods (unless you have an advertising budget of course).
Ray Higdon has become quite a legend in the online world, but people forget that Ray also works offline to build his business.   He knows that working offline is essential to building a strong and balanced business.
So do people embrace online to avoid approaching and working their warm market?  Probably.  Although fear of working my own warm market wasn’t the reason I started online marketing in 2006.  I had a distaste for COLD market prospecting and figured that after my smallish warm market was exhausted, I would be in real trouble. Frankly it wouldn’t have mattered how many motivational CD’s I listened to about cold market prospecting, I had decided I was not going to have a bar of it.  And 6 years on, I am mighty glad I made the decision.
But if I didn’t work my own warm market when I first got started, my early results from online alone would have been mediocre at best.   Working my warm market got me off to a fast start and helped me generate a great income – even in my first month.  So the real point of that Poor Man’s Bali blog post I referred to in the opening para, was that if you want to enjoy some of the nice things in life (which may include travel), then you simply must do the things that the ‘also rans’ REFUSE to do.
What do you think?

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