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How to Overcome The Pyramid Scheme Objection

pyramid schemeIf you’re a network marketer you’ve probably had people say this to you a few times………..
“Is this one of those pyramid deals?”
When they say something like that how do you handle it?   Most reps seem to go on the defensive and wax lyrical about why their company is not a great big pyramid scheme.
But I have found another approach works better.  It goes something like this….
When someone asks me if my program is a pyramid scheme I always answer the same way – ‘yes it is’
Because it is.  So why hide it?
I then go onto to say this:
“Structurally it is a pyramid for the simple reason there is a guy at the top who owns the company.   And yeah you can build a team and become a LEADER, and make money on the people in your team, and create leveraged income.  Perish the thought.
So there is hierarchy for sure.
But here is what I learnt about hierarchy.  All successful organisations have a hierarchy.  Name me one that doesn’t.
You cannot.
Whether it’s a business, the government, the armed forces,  voluntary organisations, or a church – all of them bar none, are
Why so?  It works.
I think they call it chain of command don’t they?  It means that each leader within an organisation can only take direct responsibility for a limited number of people.
It’s a brilliant concept as old as time itself.
So there you have it.  My business (or to be more correct, the one I promote) is a freaking pyramid.

Of course, there is a world of difference between this business and one of those flaky, scammy ‘schemes’.
That’s a totally different story.  Your job is to know how to tell the difference.”
That’s basically what I tell people.  Works a treat.
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