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Magnetic Sponsoring Review

The old style network marketing tactics which include pitching friends and family, cold calling, hotel meetings, and home visits have gone the way of the ark after the internet became a part of everyone’s life.   Well that’s what the new breed of online attraction marketers will tell you.
But do their claims stack up?  Or it just another way to separate you from your money?
Well in absolute terms the answer to the first question is no (and the answer to the second question is yes – obviously), for the simple reason that old style network marketing still works extremely well – for people who are happy to do business that way.
On the  other hand there is an increasing group of people who resolutely  do not want to do business that way. Enter the online, attraction marketing business model.
Sometimes also called magnetic marketing, attraction marketing if used correctly by a network marketer  is a fun way to create leads.  Probably the most successful products or system extolling the benefits and methodologies of attraction marketing is called Magnetic Sponsoring.
The primary difference between doing business this way and the traditional way is that with the former people approach you, whereas with the later you always approach them.  Big difference.
If you read the Magnetic Sponsoring book you will learn a powerful way to attract hot, qualified leads without having to hustle  family and friends or resort to cold calling.
The book was written many years ago by a guy called Mike Dillard.  Dillard was a frustrated and failed network marketer who was looking for a better way to generate leads.  He figured that if he could generate leads online it would mean he would no longer need to make cold calls (a method he hated).  So he developed a system, made it work, then decided to tell others about it.  Hence the idea for his Magnetic Sponsoring book.
Since writing the book Mike Dillard has become the number 1 practitioner for the attraction marketing way of doing things. His company has developed many other info products designed to help marketers learn all of the different ways to generate leads the Magnetic Sponsoring way.
Some of the techniques espoused by Mike Dillard are blogging, article marketing, email marketing, squeeze pages and pay per click advertising
Positioning is important which is why the book devotes plenty of space to help you reprogram your thinking. Instead of the marketer being the hunted – Mike turns that concept on its head – he/she becomes the hunted.
If you are a newbie to network marketing and have already joined a company it is vital that you seek guidance from your upline.  However, by reviewing the Magnetic Sponsoring book you may find it helpful to incorporate some of the ideas contained in the MS book into your fledgling venture.
It is important to keep in mind that not all network marketing companies encourage online marketing.  In fact many of them actively discourage it.  That said I still see virtue in buying the book as it will give you valuable insights into how to position you as being someone worth talking to.
To summarise, even if you build your business mainly with off line methods, I can see  zero downside from embracing some of the general concepts and principles covered by Magnetic Sponsoring.

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