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Thrivent International Review

thrivent internationalIf you love to teach, meet people face to face and help others obtain their financial goals, Thrivent Financial at Home is a MLM opportunity you may want to consider. The goal of the group is to help people achieve financial balance while empowering their finance guides to thrive financially.

About Thrivent

Based out of Minneapolis, the group is currently able to serve the residents of Illinois, Indiana, North Dakota, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Wisconsin, Washington and Wisconsin. The group offers finance solutions through group party presentations and one-on-one consultations with Thrivent Finance Guides.

How it Works

Thrivent introduces products to consumers through home parties or “gatherings.” Finance
Guide asks a host or hostess to throw a party at their home and invite people they know from any and all financial backgrounds. The host will receive a check from Thrivent to cover the cost of throwing the party and the Financial Guide will do the rest. Guides introduce finance concepts as well as products and services at the gathering. Guests may then book a free, personal consultation with the guide.

But Am I Qualified?

Just the phrase, Finance Guide may have you a bit intimidated. If so, never fear. No one expects you to manage stocks and bonds or explain the rate of return on any investments. Below is a list of things you’ll be expected to do as a Finance Guide:
1) Co-host gatherings with the people in your life.
2) Offer products and solutions for people’s finance needs.
3) Build a team of people to work with you to build wealth.

What You Do

Your job is to offer practical financial solutions that fit your client needs. You pay a $49 administrative fee as a new Finance Guide. The initial cost covers your background check, a start-up manual, a kit with activity monitoring aids, host postcards, host brochures and invitations for gatherings. Guides are responsible for obtaining life and health insurance as well as investment company products limited representative insurance on their own.

What You Would Sell

The foundation of all Thrivent products is to help people protect themselves against death, emergencies, disability and also help them save for the future. Thrivent offers;
1) Term Life Insurance
2) Disability Income Insurance
3) Thrivent Asset Allocation Funds
4) Thrivent Financial Bank Products


The Thrivent website doesn’t outline the compensation matrix in detail but Finance Guides earn commission based on what is sold during personal finance consultations with potential clients.


In short, Thrivent offers finance solutions to potential finance guides as well as clients in a straightforward way. Finance guides will get the training and tools they need to consult potential clients. Thrivent notes that the most successful guides come armed with a desire to build their own business and balance their own financial future.
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