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Is My Phone Room a Scam?

Confessions From a Past My Phone Room Client

If you are a network marketer or a top tier direct sales marketer, outsourcing the phone contact step may seem appealing.  And because lots of marketers hate phoning people and/or are not very good at it, savvy entrepreneurs have recognised this and created businesses designed to serve the needs of this group of people.
Enter companies such as The Sales Centre and My Phone Room.
I have used both of these companies to phone my leads, and my considered assessment is as follows:
They suck! But is My Phone Room a Scam? Read on.
I think their model is a flawed model – at least for me.  But more on that later.
Let me make one thing clear – I am good on the phone.  So good that I train others how to be effective just like me.  So when I engaged My Phone Room to phone my US leads it wasn’t because I was scared of making the calls.  Nor was it because I was innefective on the phone.  The reason I did it was to leverage my time.  This was particularly the case for my US and Canadian leads.
Being based in Australia it made sense  for me to appoint someone else to make the calls – at least the initial calls.  This is why I was attracted to MPR because their speciality is to screen the leads by making a sifting call.  Once they have what they deem to be a ‘hot lead’, they then pass it back to the marketer to do the follow up.
I liked this idea – I still wanted to build relationships, but ONLY with the ‘bright eyes’ – qualified prospects who were keen to talk to me.
Cut a long story short, it was a complete waste of money
This is NOT to say that their system doesn’t work for some people.  Marketers like Lawrence Tam and David Wood claim it works for them.  But as I understand it, they only engage My Phone Room AFTER a (small) sale has been made.  Clearly, if someone has already purchased something, they are going to be a better quality lead than a standard opt in lead.
The leads I supplied MPR had not purchased anything from me – they were just your normal everyday opt ins from my pay per click ad campaign. 
These are leads that I’ve been generating for years, and yes, when I phone them I make my fair share of sales.  After giving MPR hundreds of my leads not one sale was made. Sure they qualified some of my leads and gave them back to me as so called hot leads.  I phoned every one of the ‘hot ‘ leads – and frankly they were rubbish.
Here is a message I saw in the back office recently:
“We have made over 1234 prospecting calls for you where you NEVER had to pick up the phone once and dial out! Very conservatively this has given you back 22 hours of nights and weekends with friends and family. Our sifting and sorting has found 8 RED HOT PROSPECTS that we booked to your company webinar or teleconference and introduced to you so you could create a relationship with them! Refer someone on your team today and watch your organization explode!”
So they’ve phoned hundreds of my leads, made 1234 calls (including repeat calls to the same lead), and generated 8 red hot prospects, that turned out to be crap.  What a waste.  Frankly, if I had made the calls to the raw leads I would have made money by now.

The Brains Behind My Phone Room – J Joshua Beistel

The founder os the company is a guy called J. Joshua Beistel.  It’s a weird name – I assume his everyday name is Josh Beitzel.   Anyway Josh promotes the service and loads of other programs via webinars.  His presenting style is quite effective if you like listening to a long winded, manipulative sales pitch designed to get you to buy.
The first couple of times I watched his varoius presentations was ok – I liked them.  But after that it was a case of ‘get to the freaking’ point’.   In the end I stopped attending his webinars – too much padding and far too hypey for this down to earth Aussie. 

The Real Problem

Beitzel claims he got the idea for My Phone Room as a result of his experiences from hiring phone people to call his own leads when he was building his own network marketing business.  This worked for him so he thought he would leverage the idea into a new business.  But the problem is that the people who are making the calls for clients like me have no real connection to their clients’ business or product.  They’re guns for hire who’ll be working for many different clients who are promoting different businesses.
My experience was that the people who were phoning my leads didn’t have a clue about my business, nor did they care.

Other Problems With My Phone Room

More Focused on Promoting THEIR Service Than Promoting MY Business.  When you join MPR, you pay an initial sum, then a small fee every time they connect with a lead.  However, when they do locate a prospect who qualifies, they will attempt to promote their service in addition to my program.  Sometimes it seems they are more focused on promoting their service than my opportunity.
Potential For Leakage Into Incompatible Other MPR Products.  Beistel doesn’t just promote the My Phone Room service.  He seems to have a plethora of other programs – including business opportunities – that he promotes.   Seems to be a potential conflict of interest here and I had concerns that once one of my prospects ends up in their system, they will get promoted to separately, which would not be in my interests. 
Aggressive and Unwarranted Upsell Tactics Into Unproven Marketing Packages.  After being with MPR for a few months I started to get calls from Sam Wells, one of their ‘hit men’, whose objective was to sell me into their complete marketing package with a hefty price tag (eg $10,000).  This guy was a nasty piece of work whose modus operandi was to hurl insults at me when I dared question the value of the package.
The reason I didn’t buy the package was that their core phone service didn’t impress me that much, so was wary of giving them any more of my money.  The other reason was because this jerk couldn’t demonstrate a proven track record of success that other users had enjoyed, including genuine no hype case histories.
Because I didn’t buy their marketing package they spitefully unsubscribed me from all of their emails, despite the fact I was still a client of MPR and had a couple of hundred dollars in phoning credits (note: I can still access the back office).
Lack of Pro-Active Support.  If I was running a company like MPR I would be closely watching my clients success, or lack of it.  I would be following up with them to learn about their progress and see if they had made any sales from the ‘hot’ leads that had been generated.  If there was a problem I would diagnose it and attempt to offer a solution.  By taking this approach I would greatly lessen the chances of having a dissatisfied client.  During the many months I was using the company I didn’t receive any personal emails or phone calls from them (apart from the ‘nasty bastard’ as above).

How MPR Can Work For You

If you have a system that produces automated small ticket sales (Step 1 in your sales funnel), getting someone at MPR to call the leads can make sense.  This is because phoning someone who is already a client is way easier than phoning a raw opt in lead.
MPR phone consultants seem to have relatively low skills, which is not what you want from people who are phoning raw opt in leads.  On the other hand, phoning someone who has already purchased something, requires less skill.  All the phone person needs to do is qualify the client for the marketer’s big ticket package.

Is My Phone Room a Scam?

No, I don’t think they’re a scam.  Yes, I do think their program should be used only with leads that have already purchased something from you.  ‘Nough said.

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2 thoughts on “Is My Phone Room a Scam?”

  1. Hey there Kim!
    First I want to thank you for creating this review, it’s been eye opening and a good read.
    I was actually really interested in using MPR in conjunction with my high ticket business to leverage my prospecting efforts. But after reading this I feel to reconsider and go back to the drawing board.
    Do you have any alternatives to MPR or any recommendations?
    Thanks again brother,
    Peace & blessings from the UK

    • Hi Carlos,
      Firstly I want to apologise for the delay. Somehow I missed a bunch of comments, so catching up now
      When I wrote that post about My Phone Room I was doing business in a particular way. That is, I was generating leads and phoning them. A lot of phone calls were being made, hence my exploration of outsourcing services. I tried a number of them without much luck, so I reverted back to calling the leads myself.
      Fast forward to last year and things have changed. I no longer call a lot of leads. The reason is that I am much better at sifting people now. For instance one hoop I get them to jump through is for them to fill out an application form. After reviewing the form, if it looks good I will phone them. Strategies like this one have reduced my calling time by more than 80%


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