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Ray Higdon and the No Money Objection

Network marketing legend Ray Higdon wrote an interesting blog post recently.  It was about the issue of money – how to overcome people’s objection when they say they don’t have money to join our program.
It’s important to get this issue sorted because it’s probably the most common objection that prospects give.
In Ray’s article he offers three ways to overcome the objection.  My favorite is this one:
“Let me ask you this, if you had the money would you move forward? If they say no, this will help you find out the real objection”  If they say YES, Ray simply gets the prospect to write down on a piece of paper 50 ways for them to find the money!
It’s an agressive approach and some may baulk at using it, but if you embrace it there is no doubt that you will get more sign ups.  Thanks Ray!
But I also want to make the following key point:
Most people will find the money if they get excited. So our job is to instil excitement (which is an art in itself). When I phone leads my goal is always to get the prospect excited. I do that by asking questions and finding out about their hot button.
Once I’ve done that it’s simple to show them how my business will solve their problem. Excitement flows from there.  This is particularly the case when I share a couple of success stories of others who have received a benefit from the product and/or the business.
I get more people chasing me, than me chasing them – which is the ultimate objective.

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