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Good Morning Vietnam (or should I say 'what the hell is this?')

Crazy Saigon Brothel Story  Talk about going from the sublime to the freaking ridiculous…. Yesterday my sons and I arrived at Ho Chi Min City (Saigon) airport from the gorgeous Singapore. It’s been an interesting experience thus far – to say the least.   To start with, it took us more than an hour to get a … Read more

6 Figure Mentors – The Review

Is 6 Figure Mentors a Scam? Stuart Ross has made loads of money in the work from home, home business niche.  A few years ago he was number 1 in the world for My Internet Business (MIB), which was a top tier program promoting various digital info products of dubious value. Apparently Stuart became disatisfied … Read more

Has Empower Network Been Banned By You Tube?

You Tube Shuts Down Empower Network – a Vicious Rumour Wild rumours flying around last week were suggesting that the Empower Network has been banned by You Tube.  This is not quite true.  What happened was that one Empower Network rep had his account shut down, with You Tube claiming that he was involved in … Read more