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Google+ and the Emerging Goldmine for Marketers

Working from home means I have the time to attend day time webinars.  Yesterday I did just that.

It was a webinar about Google+. What the heck is that?   Well, it’s like Facebook – another social media platform.
Google+ started a few years ago with great fanfare, then it seemed to fizzle.  However in recent times it’s been building a lot of momentum.
Apparently it now has over 100 million users, which proves once again you can never underestimate the Big G.
The reason I attended yesterday’s webinar is because recently my interest in G+ as a marketing tool has been peaked. The penny has finally dropped, and now I see the real potential of this social media platform.
The webinar was ok, but it completely missed the biggest advantage of G+ over social media platforms such as Facebook.
Do you know what it is? Simple really.  Unlike other social media platforms, Google+ integrates with Google Search, which just happens to be the biggest search engine on the planet.
This is potentially a game changer. Imagine adding content to your G+ account and then getting it seen on the massive Google Search engine.
Do ya get it? This is HUGE.
Add content to your Facebook news feed, who sees it? Your ‘friends’, and maybe some of their friends too.
But if you add valuable content to your G+ feed, (potentially) the whole world will see it.
When I talk to budding marketers about this stuff, they often have concerns about the issue of ‘content’. What’s that about?  Well simply, content is comprised of valuable information that marketers place online, with the objective of getting that content seen by potential customers.
Simple as that.
I am a content marketer, and I place content online every week of the year. Not only does it get me daily leads/enquiries, it also positions me as someone who is worth doing business with. This in turn,
helps me get a constant flow of easy sales.
Get it?
Look, it doesn’t matter what home business you choose, the name of the game is always marketing – driving traffic, generating enquiries, and converting enquiries into sales.
Whether you’ve already launched your home biz, or still contemplating it, you must embrace cutting edge marketing ideas and strategies.
There is no way around it.
I suggest you do what I’ve done – fall in love with marketing. Get passionate about it. Live it, breathe it. You’ll be amazed at the results when you do.

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