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Vemma Review – Fair and Balanced

vemma review

Your Definitive Vemma Review

If you’re looking for your next network marketing business and are passionate about health and wellness, you may consider becoming a Vemma brand partner.  The start-up costs to sell the nutritional supplements are low, the business operates with a low-risk model, and you can market your business from home with social media strategies as well as the people you already know.

Background on Vemma

Vemma (pronounced V-MA), is a multi-million dollar health and wellness company lead by founder and CEO, BK Boreyko. The company has been around since 2004 and is backed by New Vision,  which apparently a billion dollar company (that is, they have made a billion dollars in sales since inception) which suggests it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.
The company is powered by the energy of their CEO who says his mission in life is to make a positive, life changing difference in the way people feel about their health and plan for their future. The business model is twofold- promote the public’s wellbeing through their healthy drink supplements, and give them an income stream that can fund
the lifestyle they’ve always wanted for themselves and their families.

Vemma Product

Vemma products and results have received accolades from the likes of ABC News, Dr. Oz and Men’s Journal Magazine. The wellness supplement is made up of 12 full spectrum vitamins and 65 plant-source minerals in liquid form that cater to every age-from kids 2-12 years old to those enjoying retirement in over 50 countries around the world.

Vemma Business Model

Boreyko calls it a perfect business model because his company’s success does not depend on brand partners taking big risks with their personal income to create a substantial income stream. Below is a breakdown of the business.

Vemma Perfect Business Model:

-Create brand partners: brand partners believe in the product and want to share it with loved ones, friends, and relatives.
-50% of the income generated by Vemma sales goes back to rewarding brand partners for sales rather than contributing to ad clutter on the web, TV, billboards, and radio ads.
-Believes social marketing through the use of outlets like Facebook and Twitter will enable partners to reach thousands of people a day rather than touching only a few people a day as made possible through traditional home-based business sales.
-Business partners are asked to spend only the time they already have to grow their business. Vemma promises results for partners who spend two hours a week to two hours a day toward growing their business.
-Vemma offers a simple business model for teens, young adults, and those not so-ready-to-retire, retirees.

Vemma Compensation Model

-Vemma’s compensation model is binary. Brand partners receive both an immediate and long term income through two separate teams that sign-up under them.
-Immediate income that is 50% of the sale volume can be earned each week through the Vemma Referral Bonus Plan.
-Income is based on a points system. Once brand partners enroll one person on each side of their team to purchase products worth 60 points, they begin to earn immediate income.
-Once the total points for each side of the brand partner team totals 180 points on one side and 360 points on the other side (and team points can flip-flop) brand partners can make $22-$25 per week in long-term income.
Weekly income is based on total sales for the week divided by the number of cycles in a week.
-There are several layers of compensation cycles after that which can give the brand partner anywhere from$25,000-$35,000 per week as well as multiple levels of bonuses and advancement awards after that.

What You Get with Vemma

-A free marketing website.
-Free tools and resources, interaction with field leaders, and online support systems.
-Guides on how to capitalize on business using social media like Facebook and Twitter.
-Ability to earn an income stream without having to ship products or create a merchant account.
-No risk to become a brand partner. Brand members join for free.
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