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Market America – Fair and Balanced Review

market america review
Market America Insider Review 

Have you been looking for a network marketing opportunity and heard about Market America? Maybe you thought the Market America opportunity looked fascinating. But when you began to do your due groundwork you came across a considerable number of “Market America Reviews” online. Many seemed to be negative and as a result maybe you’re wondering if it’s worth persuing.  So the question we need to answer is this: Is Market America worth joining?
On the Market America Inc. website you’ll find that out the company was founded back in 1992 by a couple called JR Ridinger and his wife Loren. The company is a retailer of consumable beauty product offerings and health additions. The great majority of their marketing is done online, and also by utilizing a network of marketing distributors, as you would expect.
Their warehouse is located in Greensboro North Carolina, and to date they’ve shipped over $3 billion worth of products from their state-of-the-art facility, which employs approximately five hundred people globally.  The company now has operations in Australia, the South East Asia and Canada.

Negative Market America Review Sites – Are they For Real?

Most negative feature failed Market America distributors. In some cases a negative heading is utilized simply as a method of getting folks to a website, where the negativeness quickly disappears.  What I am saying is that the person behind the negative headline has an agenda to lead you to another business or money makiung scheme.  The person writing them is often a successful distributor for another program or even for Market America Inc itself,
Enough of that.  Let’s talk about the company some more……..
Company records indicate there could be over 180,00 active “Unfrancise Entrepreneurs” or distributors across the planet. Over one blllion dollars in retail commissions have been paid out and over two blllion bucks have been earned by distributors since they launched .
Of course, not every distributor who has joined the company has made a profit. But pre-eminence in building any business is based solely on the quantity of effort every person puts into growing his or her own business.
So you may find one or two discontented distributors claiming Market America is a sting but you have to take these reports with a grain of salt and consider the source.
As with a lot of network marketing opportunities, Market America needs a minimum monthly purchase before your business can accrue and be paid commissions. To get full commissions the distributor has to get 2 hundred BV (business volume) worth of products. Business volume or BV is figured out at eighty percent for each one dollar you spend on wholesale goods.
You have the opportunity to earn a commission on every retail product sold, and also commission for business volume sold either by you or your downline. The compensation plan is straightforward to realise it is a binary plan, you introduce two folk, and those 2 people recruit others under them. By balancing the “legs” of this plan, you begin to earn royalties once volume thresh holds are reached.

Is Market America the Right Choice For You? 

Market America Inc. Is a real company that has great products, has a realistic compensation plan with an international distribution system. Like any direct sales program it takes effort, persistence and some fire in the belly to really make money.
Any network marketing business involves marketing not only product, but building a downline and presenting the opportunity to many people. If you do not go out and promote the products, no-one makes any money. These products need to be marketed to the general public. Unless you are successful, no-one will have an interest in joining your business until you are actually capable of marketing it efficiently.  In other words, the key to building a business like Market America is to lead by example – you have to create a great success story so you can attract others into your team.  .
So what are your plans for advertising, marketing and promotion? When you’ve run out of friends, family and comrades to market and introduce the product to, what then? Do you know anything about marketing or sales? Have you any idea how you would effectively market the company-replicated site? Do you actually know anything about driving prequalified and potential customers to an online website? These are all aspects of any network marketing business that you have to address, even before joining Market America even though it may look like the ideal opportunity for beginning your network marketing business.
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