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Fair and Balanced Review of Numis Network

numis_network_reviewA Genuine Review of Numis Network – No Hype, No Spin


The Numis Network is a new kid on the block.   Most people have never heard of it, so this article will seek to answer questions as to what is Numis Network, how it works, and why it appeals to people.
If you listen to internet marketing maven David Wood, Numis is THE FUTURE.  Other big hitters such as Ray Higdon – who is now the number 1 earner – have also thrown their hat in the ring.
What exactly is the Numis Network?  Numismatics is the collecting of coins. Founded by three industry veterans and co-founder Mike Mezak, Numis Network is the first Network Marketing Company dealing in Silver and Gold, and the direct sales industry. According to the company ‘Numis Network is pioneering the sale of perfect Mint State, Graded Silver and Gold Coins and merging it with the Network Marketing industry’.
The company started its operations in 2009 offering numismatic gold and silver coins as its products. The numismatic coin industry in itself has become a lucrative industry, with an estimated turnover of 10 billion dollars in the United States. Globally, it is an even bigger industry with annual sales of over a hundred billion dollars. So even if a lot of people have not heard of it, Numis is in a rich industry which is constantly growing worldwide.
It is also appealing to people because the company deals with products which may appreciate in value over the course of time.  People may be enticed with a business offering these kinds of products than those companies which offer other products.


The company offers gold and silver numismatic coins, something which is different from the usual networking businesses which offer health care products such as multivitamins, weight loss drinks, whitening pills and the like.
Apart from gold and silver coins, also offered are world coins, rare and vintage coins, commemorative coins and several other varieties. Everything for the collector or investor is here!

How Does it Work?

The Numis Network is a network marketing business which grows through referrals.  Like other networking businesses, some people have a fear that it may be just another scam luring you into spending money and getting too little or nothing in return.  Due diligence will help you minimise the risks of getting involved in a suspect business.
The good news is that Numis is a well managed business and has achieved impressive growth over the last 2 years.

The Compensation Plan

The company uses a binary style compensation scheme which has a couple of points of difference.  It utilizes a payment plan which tries to eliminate the flaws of the typical binary system of payment. It seeks to allow new members to earn easily while rewarding leaders responsible for the growth of their teams.  This is achieved via a linkage to the training pack which new reps need to purchase.  And it is this pack that pays the quick bucks to reps.

The Numis Sales Pitch

The following represents the core message promoted by Numis (as offered by one Numis rep):
“Our economy is in a downturn. Countries across the world are no longer accepting US currency. That’s because not only is the US currency made out of debt, but is literally nothing more than paper. Collectible coins and precious metals on the other hand are rare and invaluable; therefore are accepted anywhere and everywhere around the world (especially during these times).
Wise investors understand that very soon money will no longer be of any value whatsoever. So they’re constantly looking for ways to invest in collectibles, like coins of precious metals, gems, rubies etc. But because of the rarity and value of coins, people are now having a difficult time finding places that carry them in gold. Even if they wanted to buy a million dollars worth of gold coins, they couldn’t.”
Got the picture?

Is Numis a Scam?

No, Numis Network is completely legitimate.

Possible Problem With Numis Network

Although not promoted by the company as an investment, the reality is that reps on the ground may be tempted to promote its merits as a ‘great investment’.  If that happens regulators may come down hard on Numis.


Numis Network is doing great at the moment, and Numis leaders like Ray Higdon are making big money.  Further growth opportunities have recently opened up with the launch of Numis Network in the UK and Australia.
In uncertain times people often look for reliable investments that act as a store of value.  This is the great selling point for the Numis opportunity.  However if the market gets flooded, the value of Numis ‘products’ may diminish.  Time will tell.
Numis Network is attracting quality people because of strong leadership and the strength of its core proposition.

Hope you enjoyed this.
Take care,
Kim Willis

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