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Nerium International Review

Is Nerium International a Viable Option For You?

Nerium AD is a breakthrough anti-aging product that is changing the way people in the multilevel marketing industry are utilizing direct sales techniques.  Bla Bla.  Heard it all before?  Well maybe, but possibly this one is a little bit different so keep reading this Nerium International review………..
The man leading this MLM company is network marketing leader and best-selling author, Jeff Olson. Olson is the founder and CEO of Nerium International who only made the decision to partner with product supplier Nerium Biotechnology Inc., after researching the product itself. Nerium International launched in 2011 with a product and compensation model that they say is a real product that can provide real opportunity for Brand Partners.

Is Nerium International the Real Deal?

Nerium International says the discovery of the formula for their wildly popular night cream, Nerium AD occurred “accidentally” in Nerium Biotech labs where scientists and researchers study the uses of the Nerium Oleander plant. Scientists realized that the Nerium Oleander plant’s qualities could be preserved in extracts that had age-defying effects on skin. The company says what they have in Nerium AD is a, “first-of-its-kind, age-defying night cream” and offers video endorsements from doctors and researchers on their website.

About the Nerium International Products

The cream is the only product Nerium International currently produces but scientists are working to develop eight new products that compliment the core Nerium AD product. According to the company, the night cream would retail for $200 if priced to compete with similar products, although Nerium AD is just $80. The reality of using Nerium AD is that customers don’t have to buy the entire “system” to get results. Nerium International says their product can give in one bottle what other systems deliver in three or more products.

What Makes Nerium International Standout from Other MLMs?

-Olson says Nerium International has achieved in six months the kind of success roughly 1% of new companies ever realize.
-Nerium International products target customers 18 years and over—today, people become educated about skincare at a young age and Nerium says they are responding to demand.
-Nerium International has a national presence but hopes to go global. There are distributors in all fifty states as well as Guam and Puerto Rico. The Senior VP of Global Operations has experience working in 30 countries if that gives you any indication of where this company is headed.
-Nerium lets customers try the product for five days and take a “before” and “after” photo so customers can see the results. Brand partners take a before photo when they deliver the trial product, take another when they go back one week later and then take another photo when they go back five days after that. There is a Facebook page dedicated to showcasing product results through photos submitted by real customers.

Nerium International Compensation Plan

Rather than the company investing in traditional marketing techniques like TV ads, radio spots, and print advertising, Nerium International focuses on developing Brand Partners to spread word about the company through their customers and their team of Brand Partners. Here’s a short breakdown of how Brand Partners make an income:
1. Create a customer base. Earn 10-25% commission on sales.
2. Build a team. Earn commissions and bonuses from what your team of Brand Partners makes.

How Do I Become a Brand Partner with Nerium International?

You can sign-up for the Launch Kits and complete the Brand Partner training. Here is an overview of what it costs and how much you get.
Brand Partner Launch Kit $99.95
-You can now buy products wholesale
-Build a team
-Earn commissions
-Get a personal website, planner, brochures, Success from Home, magazine
-Jeff Olson Nerium Success training set and other DVDs
Success Pack $499.95 ($695 value)
-Earn income more quickly
-Qualifies you for the LEXUS Car Bonus
-Get everything from the Brand Partner Launch Kit
– 5 Bottles of Nerium AD ($550 value)
-Auto-Delivery Order program (get one bottle of Nerium AD at lowest wholesale price every month)
-Nerium Advance Business Center access for 30 days ($44.85 value)
Premier Success Pack $999.95 ($1,465 value)
-Everything in the Success Pack but seven more bottles of Nerium AD (12 total)

Nerium International – A Company to Watch

You may want to look into Nerium International as your next network marketing opportunity sooner rather than later – not all opportunities improve with age. The company is just six months old and already making some pretty big headlines including a feature article in Direct Selling News, in April of this year.
The startup costs are controllable and the marketing support is unquestionable. If you’re a fan of Jeff Olson, knowing this was his MLM of choice might be the extra push you need to move forward.
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