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Visalus Sciences Review

Visalus – Tough Program But No Scam

I remember when my son, Damien, wrote a review of Visalus for his blog a few years ago.  This was well before the company became the hottest mlm on the planet, with over 100,000 people a month joining and swelling its bulging ranks.  Back then no one had heard of them.
And now they are breaking records.  How times have changed.
As you  would expect, some will say that Visalus Sciences is a scam, because THEY haven’t made any money.  So sad. Here is my advice: get over it, losers.
Visalus may be a tough program, but here is the reality: they are all tough.  Anything that can pay huge money to the few who reach the top of the pay plan is – by definition – going  to be tough.  Damn tough.
Visalus is a multi-level marketing program that won’t thrive on mere salesmanship.  Like all of them you have to be a super prospector – a bit of a genius at finding people and driving them to your website and the sales presentations that the company runs on a regular basis.
The goal?  To get prospects to take the Visalus challenge.

What is Visalus?

CEO Ryan Blair founded Visalus Sciences in early 2000, offering customers a slew of weight-loss and health management products marketed as: Body by Vi (a 90 day weight loss program), Vi-Pack Anti-Aging, Trim Slim Shape, and Visalus Neuro. As a multi-level marketing program, Visalus offers consumers the opportunity to buy into the company by becoming distributors themselves. Visalus is recognized competitively in health and wellness product circles.

Who is Visalus?

If you’re interested in becoming a network or affiliate marketer for Visalus Sciences but have not yet heard of the company, you can rest assured that the template for the compensation and marketing strategies are sound and backed by experience.
Blair’s leadership team has a collective resume made-up of such household names as: Herbalife, Amway, and Mary Kay. This MLM biz has also been featured on such news media as: CNBC, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, as well as Time magazine.

How Does the Visalus Compensation Plan Work?

The compensation plan at Visalus is unilevel and gives distributors three categories from which to draw an income. Distributors can earn immediate income, advancement bonuses, and residual income. The company also offers a seemingly attainable BMW incentive (some say TOO attainable). Distributors may also advance within the company as they climb through six leadership levels and build their sales teams.

Visalus Sciences- Not for Everybody

The Visalus MLM program is not for everyone. If you think that mere salesmanship will bring you success through this MLM program you’d be wrong. If you want success, you must have a strategy in place to keep a steady stream of new prospects coming your way. If your mentality is to just sell the products and generate new leads through your existing customer base you’ll never make Visalus a successful network marketing opportunity.
Your success depends upon the success of the distributors who work beneath you and the team’s success is dependent on your ability to expose your product to new customers.  In other words this is a leadership deal.

Visalus’s Marketing Package

Once you sign-up and pay your membership fee, you’ll get various levels of marketing assistance based on what you think you need, and what you’re willing to pay. One of the Visalus marketing packages gives you 30 sample packs to give out to prospects as well as a 30 day Vi-Net Pro Marketing Package. After the 30 days are up you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to receive access to these kinds of marketing tools.

Visalus Review-Final Thoughts

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that the Visalus MLM opportunity will only be as successful as you are at generating leads.   You’ll be ahead of the other distributors if you go into this opportunity with previous marketing experience and a strategy—Visalus is not known for hand holding their distributors through the marketing process.  They teach self reliance – take responsibility and stand on your own feet, champ.  No cry babies allowed
A refreshing change is this Visalus.  So am I joining Visalus?  No way.  I’m an internet guy.  The thought  of doing all that ‘friends and family’ thing fills me with dread, as I have neither!  But if you buy into the Visalus dream, go for it.  It’s pretty cool.
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Kim Willis

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