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The Comedy Store – and a Lesson For Home Biz Marketers

the comedy store

A few weeks ago my son and I were in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.
Damien is a bit of a car nut so was super happy when I hired a convertible Mustang.
Here it is here
Anyway one of the first things he did was go to the Comedy Store for a dose of stand up comedy.
The Comedy Store is very famous – anyone who is anyone in comedy has had a gig there.
People like Robin Williams, Jay Leno, Tim Allen, Louis C.K., Chris Rock, and Roseanne Barr.
The Comedy Store is on the fabled Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood of course.
Otherwise known as Sunset Strip or just The Strip, Sunset Boulevard has been featured in a vast number of movies and TV shows over the years.
In fact a movie starring William Holden and Gloria Swanson was released in 1950, called – as you would expect – Sunset Boulevard.
Written by Billy Wilder, this movie won 3 Academy Awards and went on to become a classic.
sunset boulevard movie
Anyway back to The Comedy Store.   The Comedy Store has had a chequered past include a strike in 1979 by aggrieved comedians who were incensed that they were working for free, which had been standard practice since the club’s inception.  Although the strike didn’t last for long it culminated in the suicide of one of the stand up comedians, Steve Lubetkin, who decided to make a point by jumping off an adjacent hotel roof.
The Comedy Store now pays it stand up comedians, so you could say that Lubetkin had the last laugh.
After Damien returned from the Comedy Store he gave me his feedback.   He said each of the acts were funny in their own way. But he said that all of them had one thing in common – they were raw and authentic.   No BS.
Damien reckons this is one of the secrets to their success.   The audience bought into their authenticity.
Same thinking applies to running a home business. You just gotta be authentic. People are smart – they can spot a phoney a mile away.
One of the reasons I am successful as a home business marketer is to do with my authenticity.  People tell me all the time that they like the fact I am real, down to earth – I don’t ‘gild the lilly’, or use hype to promote.

Build Your Brand Based on Authenticity

I’m a big advocate for personal brand building.  Your brand WILL make it easier to make more sales for the simple reason  that prospects will feel more CONFIDENT to move forward with you.  But if you build your brand it has to be authentic.
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