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World Discovery Club (WDC) Review

world discovery club (WDC) review

Is World Discovery Club (WDC) Legit?

When I heard that network marketing legend Ray Higdon jumped ship from Numis Network to join World Discovery Club I immediately decided to take another look at it.

I’d been approached about WDC just after it launched.  At that time I decided not to move forward on it.  I was already in a travel program so couldn’t see that WDC had any more to offer, so passed on the opportunity.

Unlike most of the other reviews about WDC this one will have some ‘meat’ to it, devoid of gush and hyperbole.

What is WDC?

World Discovery Club is a multi faceted travel club that offers attractive travel deals combined with deals on excursions, restaurants and other related products and services.

WDC was founded in 2011 and has created quite a splash since its launch.

According to their mission statement, they were founded to “become the fastest-growing and world leader in the travel club sector, achieving this goal with the utmost integrity and excellence, while helping people fully experience the joys of travel and tourism.”

Yada yada

One thing I have noticed about the company is that they project a hard sell ‘take no prisoners’ image, which may help crunch plenty of sales in the short term, but could have an adverse impact down the track.  Time will tell.

Who is Behind WDC?

World Discovery Club was founded by Matt and Catherine Willis, Ryan Bifulco and Jon Shugart.  But  Matt Willis and his wife are the brains behind the company.  Primarily it is Matt who is is the driving force with a vision and passion that has been instrumental in driving the company forward.

I had  a chat to Matt a few months after the company kicked off and was impressed by his enthusiasm and commitment.

Matt Willis has some history in the travel membership sector, having been involved in Mor Vacations, Coastal Vacations and Dream Style Vacations.

The World Discovery Club Membership Product

If you take a look at the company site you’ll read this:

“We deliver a lifetime of fulfilled dreams. It just doesn’t get any better than that.  You’ll get an ever improving travel club membership that is the envy of the industry. WDC Is Not A Static Company.  We are continually on the move and will continue to add additional value enhancing products and travel opportunities to our membership.  With the savings of just ONE trip with our travel club, you could pay for your whole membership!” Can the company live up to its flowery promise?  Well according to at least some of the people who have actually purchased the product, the answer is yes.  Certainly when I had a free peek in 2011 it appeared they had some good travel deals with the promise of more to come. Discounts are up to 75 per cent for resort stock (which is primarily time share) mainly located in North America. Apart from resort stock the company has a large inventory of hotels, villas and vacation homes, but discounts will usually be much smaller. A nice feature is that this is not a voucher program.  The company has its own search engine so you can book your holidays online, no problem. Other Features:

  • Concierge help for more specialised requirements
  • Exclusive access to airport lounges, help with car rentals, entertainment and dining.
  • Discounts on cruise travel
  • Tour packages

Price of Memberships: Membership is not cheap, but value according to the company can easily be demonstrated.

  • Silver Life $497 (1 year membership)
  • Gold Life $1,497 (10 year membership)
  • Platinum Life $2,497 (50 year membership)
  • Platinum Executive $6,497 (99 year membership)
  • Platinum Chairman $12,997 (99 year membership)
  • Platinum President $19,997 (99 year membership)

 The Compensation Plan

The World Discovery Club compensation plan is a kind of hybrid unilevel/one up plan.  To qualify for commissions 2 sales need to be made, one of which can be your own purchase.   Commissions will be paid based on the membership level actually purchased.  The company pays out 60% of revenue to selling affiliates and also to team leaders.  This compares to a 75 per cent payout by Resorts 360, which is very generous.  Here is a breakdown of commissions payments for selling affiliates, once qualified:

  • Silver Life – $150
  • Gold Life – $450
  • Platinum Life – $1,050
  • Platinum Executive – $3,000
  • Platinum Chairman – $4,050
  • Platinum President – $6,000

So if you came in at the Silver Level and someone purchased say Platinum Executive through you, your commisions would be capped at $150. Once qualified new members receive commissions on their own sales but also on sales of members in their team (downline).
To qualify for commissions two sales need to be made, once of which can be your own purchase.
You can see more about it by watching the company video.   But be warned – if you’re not familiar with this of things, you’ll probably get quite confused.  A side point is that the video smacks of get rich quick and will turn some conservative people off.


Some said they wouldn’t last, but it appears that World Discovery Club is here for the long haul (or at least they aim to be!).   Having a guy like Matt Willis at the helm is re-assuring and the fact he’s been able to attract people of the calibre of Ray Higdon is a very good sign.
Keep it up guys!

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