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Gay Experience Taught Me Pointed Lesson on Judgement For My Home Business

I’m Not Gay (But My New Best Friend Is!)

chastity bono
Last week was interesting.
I was in the Executive Lounge at the New World Hotel in Makati, Manila, in the Philippines. I was there to partake of their nightly selection of canapes and cocktails.  Indulgent yes, but I figure I deserve it.
Unfortunately disaster struck.  I discovered that the supply of champagne was exhausted due no doubt to the enthusiastic imbibing from a rowdy table of Americans.  Both champagne buckets were empty so I slunk back to my table in disgust.  Sitting next to the buckets of champers (at the champagne table) was a young couple who saw my plight. In an instant the husband called for the manager and directed him to me.  A minute later the champagne drought was broken, thanks to my new best friend.
So I now had my champagne and my new buddy and me exchanging winning smiles and fist pumps.  Witnessing this my companion asked me what had happened.  I told her, and her reply shocked me:
“Dear, your new best friend is NOT a guy – it is a woman dressed up as a guy!’   Say what?  ‘No way’ I replied.  ‘I can tell a guy from a woman and THAT is a guy.  Look at him – he’s wearing a nicely cut suit, I think he’s a business man.’  But as I looked closer it dawned on me that this ‘guy’ closely resembled gender bender Chastity Bono (above) .
So, yep – I was fooled.  Not that it matters of course.  Indeed, some of my best friend are gay!
Fast forward a couple of hours and we’re having some pasta at a nearby Italian resto.  At one table there was a group of Muslims (ok, I can’t be absolutely sure they were Muslims, but the females were wearing Muslim gear – go figure) .  At another table was an older gentleman with a lady boy (see below for edited pic – this trannie had quite nice legs).   Watching their antics made me wonder out loud if he knew he was dating a trannie.  My bet was that he didn’t have a clue – later that night I reckon he was going to have a hell of a shock.

girly boy legs

The table behind these lovebirds was occupied by a couple of gays – one was European, the other Asian, who appeared to be ‘hired help’.
So that was my night.  Having a gay old time.  I’ve written about these types of experiences in the past, and I want to clarify one thing – I don’t go looking for these situations.  But sure as heck they seem to find me.  Maybe someone is trying to tell me something.  ha ha.

 The Point of the Story

No point – I just wanted to share an amusing story.  Does there always have to be a point, a lesson, a moral? Not really.
But seriously………..
Put your thinking cap on and answer this question – can something be learned from this story?  Sure, try thesesalient lessons  for size:

  • You can never be sure about people
  • Sometimes what you see is not what you get
  • Asia is full of gays and trannies

If we focus on the first point, I think there is a powerful lesson for all of us.  People generally are quick to pass judgement. I know I do.  And certainly in a business context, this can really hurt us.  I always thought I was a good judge of character, but the reality is that I have misjudged prospects so many times I am too embarassed to tell you the actual number.  Those misjudgments have cost me money sometimes.  Over the years I’ve dismissed prospects for various reasons only to learn  a couple of months later that they did business with someone else.  Ouch!
Here is another related point.  Because you make an error of judgment it doesnt mean the situation is irretrievable.  More often than not if I got it wrong about a person and they were a good prospect (who I had previously thought was a drop kick), I still made the sale.  Why?  I follow up with emails and offers.  If they respond in ANY way, I am on the phone to them again.   Many times that has resulted in a sale.
And I vow to never be so judgmental again!

Qualifyng Leads the Key to Profitability!

Despite the following the reality is that – at least in my home business – I’ve got it right more often than I’ve stuffed up.  I AM good at qualiying prospects so I don’t waste my precious time on people who have no interest, motivation or ability (finanically and otherwise)  to partake of my program
And if I do get it wrong, chances are that my follow up system will reveal good quality people who have previously fallen  through the cracks.  Then hopefully I can make amends.
Unfortunately most people are very poor at qualifying people.  Therefore they are unable to apply their reasoned judgement, simply because of lack of information.  Asking questions is the key, yet most newbies are poor at uncovering the critical information that help us determine if the person we’re talking to is a quality prospect or not.  The primary reason why this step is so badly implemented is due to fear.  They hate to ask the questions for fear of encountering resistence from their prospect.
Best Advice.  My best advice on how to overcome the problem is to find a good mentor who can help you fine tune the finer points of lead qualification.
Of course the other approach is to forget about phoning leads and let someone else do it for you.  Try this option for size.

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