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MLM Success Tips From a Marketing Maverick

First up, I am NOT an MLM  guy.  I tried traditional mlm and was a dismal failure.  Something to do with being alergic to hustling friends and family to make a buck.
That said, I DO know a thing or two about marketing and recruiting.  In fact since 2006 I’ve generated well more than 12,000 leads online.  I’ve also phoned thousands of those leads (before I found a phone team that would do it for me!), personally signed up hundreds of people, and made plenty of money.
But I don’t do the traditional things that are taught by traditional mlm companies:

  • I DON’T approach friends and family (an almost certain way to alienate all your friends and family)
  • I DON’T go to shopping malls to meet people (shopping malls are for shopping, nothing more)
  • I DON’T do ‘bumps’ such as striking up a conversation with people in lifts/elevators etc (that’s for super hustlers, count me out!)
  • I DON’T go to weekly meetings (they suck)
  • I DON’T distribute flyers (too much like hard work)
  • I DON”T put signs on street light  poles etc (it’s illegal isn’t it?)
  • I DON’T waste time marketing tiny products with tiny margins
  • I DON’T respond well to hype and ra-ra

That’s what I don’t do.  Here is what I DO:

  1. I use pull marketing techniques to entice people to approach me
  2. After someone has approached me I simply supply them with relevant information
  3. Our phone team contacts them and signs them up
  4. I bank my commissions every fortnight

Getting involved with me requires a different way of thinking so if you can’t break loose from all that old style stuff, forget about me.  Just keep doing what you’ve been doing – good luck.
On the other hand if you’re ready for a different approach, take a look at my short video, and then reach out by making an enquiry HERE. 

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