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Queer as F_ck, But That's the Way He Likes It.

kc and the sunshine band

In the car the other day the radio station broadcast a blast from the past.  It was an old disco song called That’s the Way I Like It, by KC and the Sunshine Band.

Do you remember it?
It was a monster hit. I remember at the time my wife was absolutely smitten with KC, whose real name is Harry Casey.
Unfortunately for her, the infatuation was short lived when she found out Harry was as camp as a row of tents!
Fast forward to today and dear old Harry is still at it. He’s lost most of his hair and has a distinctly seedy look about him. But he still attracts an audience, although markedly smaller than in his heyday.
But a guy like that will always attract nostalgia freaks who delight in revisiting their own glory days.
In some respects it’s pathetic to see some of these old stagers performing their songs from yesterday when it is abundantly clear they are well past their best.
Some of these performers no longer attract enough people to their shows to make it financially viable for them. But they keep doing it in the forlorn hope they’ll cop a lucky break and start attracting the big crowds once again.
And that’s how it is with a lot of people who grind it out in their boring, traditional jobs. They no longer love it, they’ve lost the spark, and they never made it to the top of the corporate ladder.
Same comments apply to small business owners. They work like dogs, yet more often than not, make less money than their employees!
Fortunately, some people recognise the problem, and more importantly, make the decision to do something about it.
That’s the time they start a home business. But not just any home business.  They choose to do what I’ve done. I call it LAPTOP LIFESTYLE, and it is the way to go for people who choose to give their traditional jobs (and businesses) the flick, and strike out in a new direction.
– It takes guts
– It takes vision
– It takes a change of attitude
But if you can make the mental leap, the rest of it is relatively easy.  Why, even Harry Casey could do it!
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