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Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Blogs – Do you need one?

The Lowdown on MLM Blogs

When I utter the word ‘blog’ to a network marketer their eyes normally glaze over.   Some don’t even know what a blog is, whilst others know about it but can’t see the point of a blog for their business.
However in recent times I’ve noticed an increasing band of well informed network marketers wondering if a blog can help their business.
So should an mlm guy or gal have a blog?  Depends.  Depends on a few factors, one of which is to do with the type of company you promote for.  Old style died in the wool mlm companies are usually hostile to the whole idea of a blog for individual reps.  Too much of a distraction they say.  And too much of a hassle from their point of view in terms of compliance – very easy for a blogger to cross the line and write something naughty, or contrary to company rules.
Besides a blog gives a rep an unfair advantage over non blogging reps, and is not duplicable.   Well, that’s what some companies say anyway.
On a personal level a blog may not suit the personality or talents of most reps.
That said if your company is welcoming of the blog idea, and YOU like the idea of expressing yourself via the written word, then a blog may be perfect  for you.

The Real Benefit of a Blog

Many people are attracted to the idea of a blog because they think that if they can somehow get some traffic to it, they’ll get easy, free leads.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  For a new blogger there is little or no traffic benefit in the short term at least.
So, what is the point of having a blog?  The point is that a blog can be a powerful tool to increase your CONVERSIONS. How come?  Watch my video and learn.
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