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It's Australia Day (Over the Top Down Under Day). Time for a Piss Up!

Today is Australia Day.  Woop-de-do. Pity I’m not there to celebrate it. Australia Day is a bit like Canada Day and American Independance Day, but with a lot more booze. Australia being Australia, has an entrenched drinking culture (although ‘culture’ is probably not the right word), which is always on full display on days like … Read more

Cash Cow Home Business Model – The Book

 Cash Cow Business Model Book Launch I’ve just released my new e-book – Cash Cow Business Model.  This 60 page book is available for download NOW I’ve been wanting to write this book for a long time.  But you know how it is – things get in the way.  I think it’s called ‘life’.  But … Read more

My Top Tier Business: December's Supposed to be a Quiet Month. Yet I Still Made $31k

Lazy Way to Make a Buck With My Top Tier Business I didn’t do too much work in December.  Xmas month is like that.  Besides most people are in festive mode, so what’s the point? Despite my relative sloth I still made money.  Or more to the point, the My Top Tier Business system (which … Read more