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My Top Tier Business: December's Supposed to be a Quiet Month. Yet I Still Made $31k

Lazy Way to Make a Buck With My Top Tier Business

I didn’t do too much work in December.  Xmas month is like that.  Besides most people are in festive mode, so what’s the point?
Despite my relative sloth I still made money.  Or more to the point, the My Top Tier Business system (which is a division of MOBE) made the money for me.  They’re the ones who did the follow up.  They’re the ones who made the sales for me.  All I had to do was send them traffic and opt ins, which I did in the previous 2 months.  So by the time December rolled around some of the people who opted into the funnel previously, made the decision to step up, and spend some serious money.   Ka-ching!
See below a screen shot of my commission report……..
my top tier business commissionsOf course you may not get the same result as me.  In fact you probably won’t (it could be even better!  ha ha), but isn’t nice to know what the potential is?
Stretch yourself – you could be amazed at what you can achieve.  All you need is the right business vehicle.  Here it is here.

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