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It's Australia Day (Over the Top Down Under Day). Time for a Piss Up!

australian drinkers Today is Australia Day.  Woop-de-do.
Pity I’m not there to celebrate it.
Australia Day is a bit like Canada Day and American Independance Day, but with a lot more booze.
Australia being Australia, has an entrenched drinking culture (although ‘culture’ is probably not the right word), which is always on full display on days like today. (Actually it’s on full display most days of the week!) Not that everyone gets plastered.  Plenty of people like me look on in dismay at the shenanigins.  And we make our own fun.
When I lived in Sydney I especially loved Australia Day, particularly if we were blessed with good weather.  We’d ride the ferry into Circular Quay then have lunch at celebrity chef Neil Perry’s (then) resto by the water, and just watch the world go by.  Our sons were small at that time, and loved the experience too.
So Australia was started as a convict colony by the British who wanted to banish thieves, rapists and murderers to their far off colony. Who would have thought that such disreputable beginnings would spawn such a prosperous country? Sure we have a ghastly drinking culture which is nothing to be proud of, but I think it’s amazing that a colony full of drunks and skunks can evolve into one of the richest countries in the world. Crikey, we’re almost respectable now! Triumph of the human spirit, I say.
Same story for countries like the US and Canada (to name just two) – we’ve seen them evolve into modern (largely) prosperous democracies. So just as collective effort can produce stable, productive societies, it wouldnt have happened without the effort and enterprise of individuals. Which brings me to the theme of today’s message.
Make your contribution to your country by making a contribution to yourself.  Best way to do that is to create a superior income working from home.  In charge of your own destiny Get it working the way I have and EVERY day will be your own Australia Day, Independence Day, Canada Day – whatever!
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