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MLM and the NFL Club – How NOT to Join It

mlm and nfl club

The NFL Club and Why Recruiting Friends and Family is Such a Drag (and what you can do to attract people to you, like bees to a honey pot).

Here are two problems for many network marketers…..

They don’t feel comfortable approaching friends and family.  Once they’ve exhausted talking to their ‘warm’ list, they’re back to finding people in the cold marketplace.

NFL – No Friends Left.  You don’t really want to join the No Friends Left Club, do you?

Here’s another problem: 97% of network marketers are lucky if they make $60 per month

Think about it….

Why did you join your network marketing business?  The lure of financial freedom and significant residual income, right?  But as stated:97% of network marketers are lucky if they make $60 per month.  And if it’s true that 97% make less than $60 per month……

It must also be true that 3% make all the bucks


Are you totally convinced that you will be one of the lucky 3%?  So What Are Your Options?


Selling a consumable product gives you residual income, right? 

Not Necessarily

       Drop off rates are high

       Most repeat purchases are from committed reps (rather than bona fide customers)

       If your reps become uncommitted due to factors outside of your control, how many will keep paying their monthly autoship?

Everything hinges on the commitment and quality of your team and your leaders, and their ability to keep everyone focused, motivated and committed.  All you need is for one of the key leaders to quit or join another program (which happens all the time), and the stability of the business can be severely undermined.
This can happen to all businesses of course.  But the difference with MLM is that it takes such a long time before the big money will be made by new players. You are dependent on the program to work long enough so that you can finally make good money from it.

If it stops working because of the reasons stated – you are TOAST!

Here is a better way………

Generate Leads Without Pitching Friends and Family

Of course if you want to move to the next level in your marketing journey, you can leave the world of contact initiation behind, which is where I’m at now.  I get leads every day of the week without approaching anyone.

How do I do that?  Click HERE and learn how I was finally able to leave the world of Push Marketing behind (and use Pull Marketing instead).

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